Thursday, January 12, 2012

A full of smilies day....

Today has just been a fantastic day. I can't really put my finger on why today was so different to those of late, but the atmosphere in the house was light and fun, and we found amusement in whatever came our way. We had so many giggles my face aches from smiling and my belly hurts from laughing. I'm guessing that's a good thing! Singing at the top of our voices, head banging along to Bon Jovi and air guitar performances have also featured heavily but I think we should keep that sort of confession to ourselves.

We just had a stay at home day. I had hoped (planned) that we would break open the Chemistry set but that didn't happen, but lots of other things did. The main thing to hog our time today was the still current firm favourite - the Xbox. Now I know some readers will have firm views on the value or lack of value in such consoles, but I can see benefits. Today Tiegan and Callum worked as a team on the Skylanders game that Callum got for Christmas. Lots of planning and team co-operation was included and I enjoyed listening to their ideas and problem solving discussions.

     xbox play

Don't you just love the bubba sleeping peacefully on the sofa in the background?  In total ignorance to the very important 'must save our world from the bad munsters' game play taking place around her. 

Later on, Joseph played on Guitar Hero.

To witness the way Joseph is able to manipulate his fingers at speed on the 'guitar' amazes me.  This is the same young man whom can, at times, struggle to tie his shoelaces due to his Dyspraxia and seemingly not having control over his fingertips, but the Guitar Hero challenge seems to be of little contest.  We have had the game for less than a week and already he is upping the difficulty level and playing the songs with incredible ease.  It makes me smile and keeps that flame of hope burning for the future.

guitar hero

As you can see, there is usually a very keen audience member joining in the fun when music is being played.  She bops along and claps her hands with such a sense of delight it really makes us all smile.

Sometimes she does like to take control though...


Taisia has had a pretty good day I think.  Her face has certainly been a smiley one on many occasions and she has had plenty of baby chatter to do.   I am also very pleased to announce that FINALLY she has got to grips with drinking from a baby beaker.  She has been, what may be described I guess, as lazy when it comes to sipping from a cup.  We have bought about 6 different types trying to find one that she liked/suited her.  But Taisia didn't want to hold them herself, and the very idea of lifting them up to drink from was a complete no no.  Give her food, and well that's a different story.  She will eat with her fingers or feed herself with a spoon, and she will even pretend to drink from empty cups and do a good job.  But do you think she would actually hold a cup (with a lid or without) containing a liquid and drink it herself?

Nope, no way, absolutely not.

I wasn't worried. I knew she had the necessary motor skills as she demonstrated them in many other ways, it was obviously just "her thing".  Afterall, why should she do such a thing when she knew there was someone always on hand to help her out (aka, Mama Slave)?  But today she walked merrily around the house sipping from her beaker, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not so gracefully...


Bless her, that picture does make me smile!

The big girls and I made a start on decorating the covers of our art journals.  We haven't done very much due to having to allow the coats of Gesso to dry, so no pictures to share as yet, but it was a lovely experience to have 2 of my beautiful daughters join me with paintbrushes in hand.  Must do that more often.

Chelsea then went on to do some baking, making simple fairy cakes just so we could have a sweet treat.


Taisia really wanted to join in with what her idol big sis was doing.

sisters baking

In the end she gave up and walked off, but not without her trademark tights around the neck fashion style.

tights fashion

I have absolutely no idea why she does this, but oh she thinks she is very funny!  She will grab any tights she can find - wet ones from the washing machine, tights that were drying on the radiator, dirty ones from the laundry basket, she really doesn't mind.  Around her neck they go and she goes on tour of the ground floor.  Don't you just love babies?!

The weather was really mild today and I took the opportunity to hang the washing out to dry on the line.  It was a really lovely feeling to be pegging the clothes out in the fresh air for the first time this year.  Up until today Taisia has stayed inside when I am doing things in the garden.  It isn't really a crawl friendly garden so it was better that way.  Now she is steady(ish) on her feet she adored exploring.  She walked around chasing the cat and dog, knocked on the shed door as if checking to see if someone lived inside, and picked up stones which she duly put to her ear and pretended they were telephones.  

As luck would have it, I walked away from the washing line to put the pegs back in the downstairs room, and I felt spots of rain.  The light faded a little, the skies became a threatening grey, and the washing had to be de-pegged and returned indoors.  Tomorrow we shall try again.

Once back inside we listened to two Horrible Histories audio CDs  -  Egyptians and Romans.  I do like having the ability to listen to CDs now we have moved the player into the lounge.  As always the Horrible History audios were very much enjoyed and many a discussion ensued, I just love things that spark off curiosity.

Of course, Callum hated listening to them, so much so his face stayed like this for much of the time....


These poor children that are forced to learn things.  

Callum also did a bit of reading (we are getting there).  He has finally let go of the Gruffalo and moved on to "The Highway Rat".  Admittedly it is by Julia Donaldson again, but hey ho, at least it's a different tale!

Joseph has started thinking about his future and possible career ideas.  He has been researching forensic science and I can see an interest certainly developing.  Last night we had quite a discussion regarding job opportunities and avenues, and today he has researched what qualifications are required.  We all had a giggly moment when Joe asked "How do you spell GCSE's?"  Of course his face hit his palm immediately the words came out of his month as he realised what a silly question that was *grin*.  He is keen to find out more and has talked about the many years of study he has ahead of him almost as if he is excited by the opportunity. It's really nice (a big relief!) that he is finding some sort of direction and thinking of the future -even if he changes his mind - completely by himself with no prompting. I didn't think that day would ever come!  Mind you, I didn't think Joseph would get a girlfriend so soon and look what happened :)

Tiegan went off to Brownies this evening where they got given a badge to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and did a bit of work about the Olympics.  She returned home with an Olympic Torch.


It won't be long before she moves up to Guides, I can't believe she is getting so grown up.

My excitement of the day came when I put my paintings in frames AND hung them on the wall.


Now I know that the framing and hanging isn't perfect - I will sort that out soon, but I think I did an ok job considering the 14 month old really (no, I mean really REALLY!) wanted to help.  I am totally head over heels in a silly teenage crush kinda way with how they look.  

I can call myself an artist now because I have art hanging on a wall - so there! *childish smile*

I also added a sketch of mine to a frame I bought months (and months) ago.

framed sketch

I don't think it will stay in that frame, but I like her - I need to work on her eyes a bit more to bring them to life.

I wonder what tomorrow will have in store for us.


I can't believe that I have had over 59,500 visitors to this blog, that's quite a humbling feat for little ol' me just whittering on about what my life is all about.  I am going to see if I can come up with a special giveaway bundle when I reach 60,000.  I've never hosted a giveaway on this blog before so I thought it was a good way to say thank you to you guys, my awesome readers.  Check back soon for more information :))


  1. wowsers what a long post!! well done you. Probably the trip out to Exeter on Weds helped break the pattern of the last few weeks, pre & post Christmas? I have certainly found that before. You seem very bubbly in this post - nice. Think that pink top on Chelsea is great. I genuinely believe (sorry if I have ranted on about this before) that TV/electronic games are seriously underrated in the educational development argument. They can be just the thing for EITHER stepping off and kicking back for a while OR for engaging with other people if they share that particular interest at the time. Good on ya. Home ed is not all wooden toys and banging two sticks together. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Although Oliver likes standing outside and banging two sticks together quite often actually....

    1. You may be right Janice (after all, you ALWAYS are aren't you? ;) ) although I think it may have been a hormonal and need more sleep blip.

  2. you'r art looks good on the wall julia xxx the kids look so busy and happy , it's great xxx d

  3. Thank you gorgeous, I'm pretty chuffed with it :)

  4. I always love reading your blog, your children always look beautiful and happy. Your fabulous photos have inspired me to upgrade my camera and try to take some photos of my gorgeous children (although I bet that they wont stay still long enough!).
    Thanks for sharing ! I always feel a bit nosey but I am addicted!

    1. Well thank you for brightening up my day with such a lovely comment cc, what camera have you gone for? (or considering if you have yet to take the plunge?)

      Please don't feel as if you are being nosy, I love sharing my days with people, and if it inspires or interests a few enough for them to return or leave a comment, I'm a happy gal :)

  5. Looking good, Julia! :D

    1. Cheers m'dear, always nice to see your lovely face in my comments box :))