Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back on Form....

Finally, yay, finally, I'm feeling in tip top form once again.  Oh I can't begin to describe just how lethargic and lacklustre I've been feeling of late.  I've just felt completely drained and have wanted to play hermit in order to recover.

But, hey honey, I'm back!

I awoke on Monday morning and just knew things were better.  I felt like my zing-a-zing-zing had returned (whatever that may be) and my vitality was restored.

We have been thinking long and hard about where we want to be recently.  There is nothing really keeping us here in Devon any more, so we have been trying to decide if we want to uproot and move to newer landscapes.  It's a really tough decision!  I love it here - the beaches, the moorland, the safe feeling environment.   It will be hard to beat - but the beauty comes at a cost - the cost of living here is high compared to the wages paid.  Although I'm so far from being a money orientated person, I do often wish we had a little extra money so I didn't have to spend the month juggling money and worrying if there is enough in the bank to pay the bills (miraculously there always is, but it doesn't stop me fretting).  The chance to treat the children a little more often would be fabulous - a family trip to the cinema perhaps, a day out at a theme park, a holiday abroad for the first time ever, a weekend sight-seeing in London (high on the kids want-to-do-soon list).

I like this house, although it needs a bloomin' good de-cluttering, furniture overhaul, and re-decoration to get it how I want it to look.  The garden is fantastic, but the kitchen very small.  We will be losing a big chunk of our garden in the not so distant future though, due to landlords plans.  But, the landlord has agreed to knock the kitchen through to the dining room making a huge kitchen space which is what I crave.  There is so little worksurface space in the kitchen in it's current form, I can't put all of the plates out to serve dinner at once.  It isn't an easy environment to be in as a family - family baking and science experiment sessions can be a little frustrating at times, with everyone feeling as if we are on top of each other and always in the way.  A bigger kitchen would be like a dream fulfilled.

But, do we want to stay here, or shall we seek pastures new whilst we have no ties to the area?

My friend network is very small, although those very few that I do count as friends are amazingly wonderful people and they would be a big loss - although of course we would stay in touch always.  It's become crystal clear over the past couple of years that I struggle forming friendships in the "real" world, and that causes me a little worry when considering a move.  Who will I have to put the world to rights with as we have a cuppa and a good ol' natter?

I'm trying not to think too hard on it.  I'm a firm believer of what will be will be, so unless it's something I really feel the need to do and put into action, we shall just see what opportunities arise.

Anyway, enough of all that putting thoughts on paper malarkey, what has been going on in the world of Pollard?

We have been having lots of home days, feeling sorry for ourselves days.

The teens have been the fittest amongst us, and they haven't been struggling so much to get out and about.  They are loving their youth club on a Friday night, and now their weekend calender is filled with get togethers with friends.  On the Sunday just gone, both teens went to church.

I need to repeat that.

Both of my teens went to church on Sunday.

I was surprised.

Joseph was supposed to just be meeting up with his girlfriend in town, and Chelsea went along too (Chelsea and Joe's girlfriend were friends before the relationship started).  I dropped them off at 11am and came home.  When I went to pick them up at 6pm, they said they had been to church and wanted to go back again.  Apparently they had been warmly welcomed and felt at ease.  They had loved the vibe and as faith is something we have all be discussing recently, they thought that church may be a way of exploring their Christian faith and perhaps a help to bring clarity to their beliefs.  I love the fact that they were confident enough to explore things on their own, and to decide what was right for them, and when.  

I love my teens.

Monday was home-ed group day.  We were just meeting at a local to us park and it was such a lovely day. A new family joined us, and it appeared that Tiegan and the new girls hit it off rather well.  I hope that the girls felt the same way and it wasn't just outward appearances.  The weather was really rather kind to us, offering a good few hours of winter sunshine before the dull skies and chilly wind arrived.

Today we have had a home day.  I've been trying to think of things that can be done cheaply to cheer up our house and make it feel like the home I see in my mind.  I think the terminology I shall use is baby steps.  Changing the little things in order to achieve the larger picture.  I have a few rooms which are crying out for a fresh lick of paint, which I hope will be doable over the next few weeks - it's a time thing as opposed to a cost thing.  Paint can be bought reasonably cheaply, but the time it takes with a little one to consider is the issue.

I have made a start though, changing ornaments around on the windowsills and fireplace.  I have lots of ideas of what I want to make to "put my stamp" on the place, and once I've completed the crafty gifts I'm making for a swap, I shall set about changing that from ideas into creations.  I have bought a new lampshade which I love...

It's so pretty, suits the style I am aiming for, AND reveals so much more light than the previous dark red shade that was hung there.

In the kitchen, again it's baby steps.  I've replaced the kettle and toaster, and we've a new bin and microwave.  The colour scheme is coming together rather nicely, and I'm once again waking up wondering what will be possible to achieve.

I wouldn't normally share a picture of my microwave - but it's new, and shiny, and it makes a whole lotta difference to how my kitchen looks, AND it's the perfect place to perch my ever so loved and gorgeous vintage rose tin.

Live, Laugh, Love - It makes me smile.

I can't replace the kitchen units as it's a rented house, but I can make the best of what we have, yes?  The last photo shows off our new bread bin, and the gorgeous handpainted butterfly glasses are from Boo it's Sparkly on facebook.  I love them muchly.  I just want to surround myself with things that make me smile, I can see lots of charity shop and car booty purchases coming on.

The children have been in a fabulously creative mood, which is great considering I have been asked to review two craft related products.  I've been sent a few copies of Creative Steps magazine, and a selection of items from Yellow Moon Crafts.

I shall be publishing a full review of both over the next couple days (they are currently saved as drafts and need a bit of adding and tweaking before publishing), but as the girls used items related to both today, I figured they deserved an initial mention.

The first thing that the girls made, was some paper coil covered hearts.  They had got the instructions and idea from the Creative Steps magazine, and used the supplies from Yellow Moon Crafts.

Chelsea curling the paper around a pencil to create a roll.  This is then cut into even pieces to form the rose heads.
The "roses" are then stuck onto a heart shape.

The paper that they are using is the "Sugar Paper" found here,

The girls also added leaves to the roses.  I shall update tomorrow with photos of the finished hearts once dry and a hanging ribbon added.

As a little bit of fun, Tiegan sat with Taisia and created this little pencil buddies using pipe cleaners as a wrap.

Simple and very quick, and Taisia loved using them as puppets - the squeals of laughter were quite infectious.  No photos I'm afraid, I was busy slaving over a hot stove.

I made pancakes - LOTS of pancakes.  With 3 frying pans on the go at a time, I had what felt like a little cottage industry going on.  Shrove Tuesday is the one day of the year that the kids love as they can have sweet pancakes for dinner.  Any other day of the year, sweet pancakes are reserved as an after dinner pudding only, but on Pancake Day, the must-eat-healthy police sleep in and we have lots of the good stuff - with lemon and sugar in abundance.  Of course, the downside for me is that each person needs a fair few pancakes to have their tummies filled to total contentment, which equals a long time standing and flipping.  I can do that with a smile though.  It's only one day of the year.

Right, now I'm back into the home-ed life saddle.  The children have decided that our projects will be Butterflies, Iron Age History,  and Italy.  We are making plans for what we want to grow in the garden this year, and our Potato growing pack has arrived so we shall be chitting potatoes very soon.  Tiegan wants to learn how to crochet, so that is something we shall be attempting over the next few days, and I have bought two recorders and a couple of beginning to play books to hopefully help us on our way.  Lots will be done and blogged about, so be sure to check back regularly to keep informed.

Tomorrow we will be nature table preparing in the morning, then off to another home-ed group for that thing they call socialisation.  I'm going to be charity shop quirky finds hunting, and marigolds for teacups searching.


  1. Nice to see you back again :)

    You should come and live round here! Ok it might not be as pretty but the house prices are cheap and there is actually a lot of nice countryside on our doorstep.


  2. so good to see you back!