Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Days...

Well, almost.

I am happy to report that the humans of the household are now completely bug free and energy has returned.

I am not so happy to report that we have a poorly puddy cat.  Dear Harry hasn't been feeling his usual fabulous self.  He has been moping around, looking very sorry for himself, and was completely off his food for almost two days.  Anybody that knows how Harry loves his food will be shocked to know his bowl remained full.  He did drink a little water though, much to my relief.

What does any loved up feline mama do when her baby doesn't want to eat?  Well, I can report that they trundle off on foot to the shop at almost midnight in search of something that their baby will eat.  Unfortunately the store didn't have anything suitable for a now fussy like never before pussy cat, so instead it meant a trip out in the car to the nearest 24 hour supermarket.  By 1am, Harry had, what can only be described as, a full on gourmet banquet in front of him, just hoping to tantalise his taste buds enough to coax him enough into eating something - anything - just something.  I lay on the floor and tried to hand feed him.  In the end, the posh tin of luxurious cat food won (even chosen over his usual favourite chicken chunks!) Harry didn't actually eat the meat from the cat food, but he lapped up the chicken and spinach sauce, but only from off my fingers.  At least he showed interest and tried it.  It gave me hope for a speedy recovery.  I stayed up for much of the night with him, lying on the floor in the dining room (his choice of sleeping quarters, definitely not mine!)  By 5am he was purring as we cuddled.

Why do we worry about animals so much?

I am happier to report that by this afternoon Harry was showing signs of recovery.  He still isn't 100%, but he has been out in the garden, sunbathed on the trampoline, and asked to come back inside - for two days we had to go and fetch him inside as he didn't appear to have the energy to bother.   He has had a few mouthfuls of cat food, some chicken pieces, a few treats, and drank water and cat milk.  It is almost midnight here.  Taisia has just fell asleep next to me, and Harry cat is outside.  I'm hoping he will come in when called tonight, although it's relatively warm tonight so I don't have to worry about the cold.

Back to our home-ed blogging.

Yesterday we went to the Exeter home-ed group.  It was a quiet gathering due to the miserably wet weather, but I really enjoyed it, and so did Taisia.  She seems to really like that group and can often be seen going around the various children offering (and more often than not) receiving cuddles. She says very little with the spoken word when we are out, but her cuteness just oozes through.

Today has been a rather good.  I found that I was a little tired from the cat-sitting, so we decided on a quiet home-day.

I'm having a self-imposed break from Facebook, and so far I'm really enjoying it.  I haven't turned the computer on all day, and haven't missed it.  I felt I needed to break the habit.  The habit of sitting down for a planned 10 minutes and drinking a cuppa whilst catching up with Facebook friends and family, only to find that I'm still sitting and staring at the screen 2 hours later having got caught up in some online drama or other, followed everyone's shared links in nosyness, or enjoyed a playful banter session with people I wished I knew in real.

The children all got along with doing their own thing whilst listening to me read two chapters of War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.  We have not read it before, but so far all the children have commented on good it is.  Callum then played on his "toy" laptop, something he hasn't bothered with for a while.  He did spelling practice and maths work.  Taisia was very intrigued by it, having not seen it working before.

Just look at those curly wurly curls!  I'm sure they are getting curlier by the day.  I love it.

I thought it was about time we updated our nature table, so we gave it an overhaul and it currently stands like this...

I picked the shelves up a while ago at a car boot sale.  They were a dark wood and I paid next to nothing for them.  I sanded them down and gave them a lick of paint and really like how they look.  Today I went a step further and added a bit of ribbon to add a bit of that all important eye-catching pizzaz, and some fabric and paper flowers to the side. The display is looking a bit bare at the moment because we do crafts and collect things to add over time throughout the seasons.

The daffodils in pots were picked up for £1 each from the supermarket, the blue hanging heart was made by Tiegan, and the blue jug was from Wilkinsons for £5.  My local store were selling them off for £3 when I last visited, I almost picked up another.

The ribbons I've edged the shelves with were sent to me to try from Yellow Moon Crafts.  They come in a set like this...

I have to say I love these ribbons for crafting.  They are really vibrant in colour, and almost have a plastic-like feel.  This means that they don't fray like normal fabric type ribbons, and are easy to cut and stick.  They adhered to the double sided tape I used on the shelves with ease.  I am going to make some Spring themed cards with them, and I know the children will find them easier to use for their crafting projects.  At just £1.99 a set they are a real bargain.  You can find them by clicking here:  Spring Ribbon Pack.

I added a paper bird house to the nature display, just because it always makes me smile.  I need to make a bird for it...

Whilst I was arranging all of this, Tiegan was getting on with a bit of science / planting project of her own...

I'll blog about this and the set she used tomorrow as the project continues.

I promised that I would share a picture of the finished heart craft that the girls did yesterday.  You can see Tiegan's blue heart hanging from the nature shelves, and Chelsea's red one is now hanging in the lounge from the window...

I think it looks really effective for something so simple.  I'll be doing a detailed review of the magazine we got the idea from once I've finished writing this post, so check back again.

With the children happily entertaining themselves - X-Box playing, reading, letter writing, and dolly playing, I had some free time (very rare!) to entertain myself.  

I decided that I would decorate the nature display with some colourful butterflies, so I set about having a go with these watercolour pencils (again sent to me by Yellow Moon Crafts to review).

Those of you that know my arty crafty side, will know that I love watercolour pencils.  It was my favourite medium of choice in my papercrafting days, and I have tried a wide range of brands with a wide range of price tags!  This set from Yellow Moon Crafts are great watercolour pencils for the low price.  For just £2.99 for the pack of 12, they are vibrant in colouration, easy to blend, and feel nice to work with.  I have used much dearer brands and not been as happy with the results.   I am used to working with much larger sets of colours, but I still think that the butterfly looks really pretty.  With the watercolour blending technique, it's easy to achieve a variety of shades and tones from the limited colour palette.  If you are looking for a cheap set of watercolour pencils for your children or as a beginner to the medium yourself, I really recommend that you give these a try.

I did have a helper whilst I was attempting to paint...

Our furry friends don't like to make life easy for us huh?

Tomorrow my dear darling husband has a random day off work, so we shall be enjoying family fun.  Current plan includes a morning of tidy-up the messy place aka home (perhaps not so much fun!), then wandering off to explore somewhere, hopefully armed with duck food and a camera.  I shall be back tomorrow to reveal what the day had in store for us.

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  1. You'll have to update your profile pic on the side bar now you've gone blue!

    Hope you sort out the house stuff, you'd be crazee to leave Devon though especially with your network of friends and access to two really good home ed groups... totally jealous of you, :-)

    Hugs San xx