Friday, February 24, 2012

Much needed freedom....

My dearest husband had a random day off today and we really wanted to make the most of it.  We had planned to have a nice stroll somewhere as the weather was rather pleasant for the time of year.  We gave the house a pretty good clean and tidy up first, and then... Taisia fell asleep.

Taisia NEVER falls asleep during the day until around 4pm-ish.  Lunchtime naps stopped a long time ago - actually I can't remember if they ever really started.  She hasn't been a child that has needed much sleep.

Today though, Taz fell asleep cuddling her daddy at noon and didn't wake up until gone 3pm.  We kept waiting and waiting thinking that she would wake up very soon, but clearly she didn't.  Best made plans and all that.  But, we still decided to go on our walk, despite the fading light.

I'm so glad we did, we had a fabulous time.

Our first stop was to buy brown bread so we could feed the wildfowl on the lake of Stover Park.

Taisia loves animals of all varieties.  She was really in her element with the amount of ducks, swans, squirrels and dogs we saw.

I love how safe Stover Park is for the children to explore.  They almost have free reign as long as they are supervised near the water (obviously!).  This enabled plenty of childhood freedom shots, which I just adore.

Lee (husband) had a play with my camera.  He is really showing an interest in photography which is wonderful as it will be the first hobby we will have had in common - ever!  We have been looking at mid-range priced bridge cameras for him to purchase next week once pay day has arrived.  This will mean (I'm sorry to say) that you will be seeing a lot more photographs of my ugly mug plastered on here in the future.  Here are a few to break you in gently...

There was lots of this - encouraging little lady to walk the way we were walking instead of turning around and running off!
*Unrelated Note*  Do you like my coat? It was my bargain £15 buy from New Look, I was a very happy bunny.

Taisia loved having her daddy along ...

The Teens came along for the walk too.  I love that at 14 and 16 years of age they are still so actively joining in with our family outings, and absolutely enjoying it, just look...

The scenery is still so beautiful, even at this time of year when tree clothing is sparse.

Tiegan of course looked as utterly gorgeous as ever...

Although the light was fading fast, Taisia thought that there was still plenty of exploring still to be done...

We got home at 6.30pm, had a late dinner, then it was playing taxi time for me as I drove the Teens to their youth club.  This week the theme was "The Apprentice" and the young people were asked to dress up as someone taking part in the TV show, ie. looking smart.  Joseph struggled with this as he didn't have anything smart enough for a job interview, it's not his style of clothing yet.  But, he decided that I had things that were smart enough so he raided my wardrobe instead and went as a female contestant.  Oh we did laugh!  

I apologise for the poor picture quality but we were running late so it was a quick snapshot.

I am so proud of him for not taking himself too seriously and putting himself in the position for possible ridicule.  However, everyone thought he was a wonderfully good sport.  Apparently their reaction was fabulous, everyone knew it was just a light-hearted joke and took it in the way it was intended.  They all said that Joseph was "a legend" which is good apparently, and Joe was pleased that he had made everyone laugh which was his intention.  He also won the prize for best dressed attendee - a bag of sweets which he shared with his siblings.

His girlfriend did wonder why she was going out with him though... *giggle*.

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  1. lovely, lovely pics at Stover. Nice that you will get to feature in future events - the photographer is nearly always absent. Be good to catch up soon as we missed Weds. Keep calm and crochet on....x