Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not going to plan....

I woke up this morning full of plans for the day.

I wanted to make a start on our Iron Age Roundhouse model, try out some shaving foam art, read another chapter of War Horse, and journey out to explore some woodland somewhere.

What out of this list did we achieve?


Instead, we cleaned our carpets.

A short while ago, I ordered this not-so-little beauty...

Today was the first opportunity we've had to use it.  We only have carpets upstairs, but after 6 years of kids, dogs, cats, and carelessness, they were looking bleugh!   After an initial going over there is a marked improvement, but boy oh boy, it was hard work!

Whilst all this was going on, Chelsea was reading and looking after Taisia, Joseph was reading his British History book, Callum was using various websites on the laptop, and Tiegan was pottering around watering the flowers and looking after her rabbit.

Once the carpets were done, we all sat and had a cuppa, then headed off to the park for some fresh air.  I'm really trying to do the "time outdoors every day" thing, and so far so good, although I can't always get everyone to come along!  Lee (husband) was home, so he came along to the park with us, but the boys decided to stay indoors.  

On the way to the park there was a group of young lads (13 years?) surrounding one lad and clearly "having a go".   Lee walked passed and asked the lad if everything was all right, the reply given was yes, albeit said shakily.  One of the group then muttered something as I walked by and I asked him to repeat it as I hadn't heard what was said.  I was actually expecting a full-on confrontation, and was very relieved when that wasn't the case.  There was a few words exchanged, mainly with me explaining that bullying was totally unacceptable behaviour and I wasn't going to just walk by and allow it to happen.  I was told that it was none of business, to which I responded that it was my business if it was happening right where myself and my family were walking by.  I said if it was happening to one of my children in the street I would hope someone would intervene, to which the lad shrugged and walked off, muttering something about him not being the cause of it as the other lad does things to him at school.   *sigh*.  

That incident was fortunately soon forgotten and we continued our walk to the park.  

We noted how dull and grey the sky was looking.  

It was late afternoon by this time and the evening chill was starting to set in.

We collected sticks for the making of our roundhouse...

and noticed that the stream was flowing quite low for the time of year...

We walked through the park and went to the play area, where Taisia clearly enjoyed time on the swing...

and on the rocking mouse thingy-me-jiggy...

Her Daddy took very good care of her on the slide...

Once the play area had been exhausted, we went for a stroll around the outer edges of the park.  The girls had races and laughed many times.  Tiegan found a feather which Taisia found highly entertaining...

Everyone had to have a tickle.

I so love seeing the relationship between my children, there is so much love between them.

Soon it was time to head for home for dinner.  Taisia didn't think very much of that idea and blew raspberry's all the way...

The roundhouse plans and art ideas have been put on hold until Thursday.  This evening has been spent replying to emails - most of which were asking questions regarding home-education, always a pleasure to read but time consuming to write, and answering the telephone.

Tomorrow we are off to the museum, then on to a home-ed group - it should be a good one :)


  1. Good on ya, I hate, hate, HATE to see bullying going on - adults SHOULD be stepping in to prevent it, but the all too sad truth is that you can expect a gobful of abuse for your trouble. Sigh indeed. x

  2. Taisia looks so happy, shes very much enjoying her freedom isnt she!

  3. don't suppose you fancy coming to clean my carpets do you lol. Loving the outdoors time. very important!