Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome to the house of yuck, la la la laa laa.

Thank you for being so patient and popping back on here to see what life is like for the Pollards.  I'm pleased to say that we are finally recovering from our bleurgh moments, and I hope to be fully fighting fit by the weekend.

On Monday I did something crazily stupid.  Our home-ed group had arranged a visit down to the Eden Project in Cornwall.  We had also arranged to meet up with a few of the Cornish home-ed families, and we were really looking forward to it.  I decided to leave it until the last minute (ie, when we had to leave the house to get their on time, ie, shortly after 9am), before deciding if it was a yay or a nay.  On Monday morning, I got up and immediately stuffed myself with honey and hot lemon drinks, hoping that all would be well.  The kids came downstairs one by one, and all were seemingly a lot better.  I felt ok (not 100% but ok).  As I hate letting people down after agreeing to things, and I didn't fancy having to tell the kids we weren't going, I decided to take the plunge and head off to Eden.

Now bearing in mind I've never driven to Cornwall before, which of course in turn means I've never driven to Eden before, and well, it was a bit of a task.  I estimated it would take approximately 1 hour and 40 mins to get there, meaning over a 3 hour round trip.  Eeeek.

The journey there wasn't too bad at all.  Thanks to my fabulous husband who mapped out my route for me on Sunday night, and to the brown tourist signs which marvellously pointed in the right direction, we actually made it spot on time (11am).

We bought annual passes for a fiver each, then had to "activate" them , which was a time-consuming task in itself.
*Note to Self*  No more than one child in my next life please.

It was really lovely to meet up with people - friends old and new :)  It was all a little hectic and disorganised, with people having to buy their tickets, then activate them, whilst others were waiting around with littlies who really just wanted to run off and explore!  We did have a lovely walk around to the Biomes though, and I managed to take a few snaps along the way.

Sadly we were parted from the rest of the group when we went into the Biomes.  By this time I was feeling quite rough, with my cold symptoms returning with absolute vengeance and it seemed I needed a tissue continuously connected to my nose.  As we had bought the annual tickets, I didn't feel the need to ensure we got our "money's worth" so to speak, as I knew we could return as often as the children desired (finances for fuel permitting, obviously).  We didn't take in as much I know we could have, rather whizzing around just admiring and enquiring about things that caught our eye instead of really looking.  

Then Tiegan began suffering.  We stepped away from the crowds and walked the long way around back to the entrance - and to the cafe, where we stocked up our bodies with hot chocolate and cream.  Mmmmm.  by this time my head was starting to ache and my eyes were tiring, and dear Tiegan was sneezing more times than I've seen anyone sneeze before - poor love. 

We decided to make our exit home - but really couldn't face trying to find everyone again to say goodbye, which was rather rude of us, but I didn't want to linger any longer than necessary.  The thought of the drive home was a struggle in itself, without prolonging it.  I replied to a couple of "Where are you?" texts, and we left. 

The journey home was pretty much ok.  The kids were very quiet, all struggling silently with their illness feelings.  Callum broke the silence about half way home with shouts of "I'm going to be sick!".  Cue me pulling over into the (thankfully very close) parking area on the dual carriageway and Callum being released to do what was necessary and gain some fresh air.  Nice.

Boy oh boy, did I pay for that "I am a superhuman being who can do what I want to even though my body is telling me otherwise" moment of stupidity.  Very thankful for being able to get home safely (despite taking the wrong turning, heading off down some awful stupidly narrow country lanes, and there not being any brown tourist signs pointing to Pollard Towers disappointingly).   

I spent the evening snuggled up on the sofa, feeling mightily sorry for myself, in between ensuring all my bubba's needs were met.  Such is life.

We hibernated for the rest of the week, trying to shake off whatever bugs and diseases that had rudely encroached upon our beings.  In between the lazy must just lie-down and get myself better moments, I have been busily creating with crochet.  Totally loving it :) You can visit my crochet blog if you want to see the progress, and YES, there IS progress!

Sadly we missed out on the Exeter group meeting on Wednesday as I didn't fancy passing our ills on to everyone else, I'm friends with most of the peoples there and would like it to stay that way for as long as possible.  

Thursday bought us a nice surprise of a delivery of books I'd ordered.  I say a nice surprise because I had ordered them so bloomin' long ago I'd forgotten all about it.  I do love the cheap prices over at but the delivery time does make an impatient soul such as myself squeal rather.  Never buy anything you need soonest from there.  Like I say though, the prices are good.  It cost me £6 to get this little lot...

Bargains, obviously.

I shall leave you with a few photos of the week that managed to make me smile.

The first being these.  Only my kids could argue over who was doing the hoovering...

Oh we did giggle.

Then there is this little treasure, with her "Rose-tinted lip balm mama? What rose-tinted lip balm?"

*Love the Innocence*

I'm really hoping that normal service shall be resumed by next week.  I have so many plans and things I need to do, I really need to be in tip top working supermama order!


  1. wow! you are braver than i, but well done you, hope your all on the mend now! i so want to go to Eden but its a good 6 hours from me. maybe for our holiday next year?

  2. Well done for battling on totally love love Chelsea's hair

    Hugs San x

  3. Hope you are feeling better honey xxxxx

  4. Sorry that everyone was sick and glad to know you are getting better. Loved the sculptures! What a place, I'd love to see that. The pics of your kids are great. Wish mine would argue over who will vaccum!

    My blog's site meter hit 1 million today, with the referral from your blog, so thanks for linking to me!