Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And so life goes on...

Whoopsie!  I've got almost a week to catch up on.  Just how did that happen?

I'm not sure I can remember all of what we've done, but here goes...

Last Wednesday was home-ed group in Exeter day.  Always nice to chat to friendly people, with the children seemingly happy to entertain themselves.  I love watching Taisia at the group.  She is quite the independent little busy body, very happy to go a-wandering without a backward glance to where her mama is at.  She also has a special little friendship forming with a certain young man, with whom it seems that words are not needed.  Plenty of hugs are offered instead, and the occasional kiss.  Heart-meltingly cute.  Sadly yet another headache reared it's ugliness as I was driving home. Why?

I can't remember much about Thursday.  I think we spent much of the day at home, leaving only momentarily for a swift trek to Torquay library to pick up a reserved book.  I know the children were engrossed in various activities - everything from reading, story writing, room tidying, and plant watering.

Friday was a great day as once again we spent it with fabulous friends.  I have a warm feeling within my heart as I remember the day fondly, they are the kind of friends that you just feel accepted by.  We can talk for hours and it seems like only minutes.  Exciting plans were made, cakes were devoured, a nearby farm was explored, and a sleeping little one admired.  It was all wonderfully good.  The teens went off to their youth group in the evening, which yet again was a great success.  I'm so happy that they have found a comfortable and welcoming environment outside of the home-ed scene. Happy kids = very happy mama.

Then came along the weekend of course, but it's all a blur.  I know we didn't do the nice trip out as we had planned to, instead choosing to do things that were needed around the house.  How dull.

On Sunday the Teens went to the church service - to which I have also been invited to next week, I feel rather privileged that my teens will openly allow me to invade what has been up to know totally their own space.  Chelsea knows that I have been seeking a new church for a long while now, and she thinks that this one will suit me rather well.  I've said I will give it a go. One day.

Sunday afternoon was spent completely cleaning and tidying the bathroom, re-arranging all the clutter and toys, and generally making it look rather sparkly.  3 hours it took, 3 bloomin' hours.  Then I got a migraine.  Actually no.  I got THE migraine.  Oh my goodness how ill I felt.  The visuals, the dizzyness, the bright light trauma, and the sickness - over and over again.  I was shaking, I just wanted to lie down and close my eyes - I couldn't sleep as the constant bang bang bang head-is-going-to-explode-get-ready-to-clean-up-the-goo pain just wouldn't allow me to relax enough.


Worse thing is I had things I should have been doing in preparation for....

Monday came and the morning was spent in hyper-cleaning and tidying mode.  A while ago, during the quiet time of the home-ed group when only two other families were turning up to the meets regularly, I declared that I could offer my home for a meeting one day.  Monday was that day.  The only thing is, there were a few more people planning on coming along.  22 adults and children plus ourselves = 28.  Gulp.  It's been a long long time since the house had seen that many people visit.  I had planned a few things for us to do but they needed organisation.  One of those activities was the giant bubble making in the garden if the weather was fine.  On Saturday I had trundled along to the hardware store to buy wooden dowelling for handles and string.  The plan was to make the bubble mixture on Sunday afternoon and leave it overnight as instructed.  Obviously that didn't happen when the migraine took over, nor did I get to make the planned playdough.  *sigh*.

As it happens, a couple of families had to pull out due to illness, so in fact there were just 20 of us in all, including me and mine :)  A nice sized group and I really enjoyed it.  So much so, I haven't been at all put off and will offer my home again some time in the future.  I think it helped that the weather was nice.  We also had a no-going-in-bedrooms rule, as one of the issues previously with group meetings was that the kids' rooms got really messy and things accidentally got broken which led to the children feeling resentful.

The day quickly passed.  Lots of food was shared, games were played (was lovely to see the children sitting around a board game in the garden, I have a picture I must download from the camera), hama beads were, erm scattered ;) and friendships further cemented.  

Tuesday should have seen us visiting friends, but instead I was nursing a poorly baby girl.  The poor mite suddenly (completely out of the blue) came down with a runny nose and sniffles. She had struggled badly to sleep through the night due to a blocked up nose, and I was really expecting Tuesday to be a nightmare with an over tired not feeling very well bubba.  As it turns out, apart from the disappointment of cancelling plans, the day wasn't too bad.  We stayed warm inside, read books, prepared lapbooks, played on the wii together, enjoyed board games, and snuggled bubba when she needed it.  I do like our home days.  The house has such a nice family feel to it when we are all together enjoying each others company (particularly when it is tidy after the mega-tidying spree!)

So on to today.  We were meant to be going to the Exeter group, but I think that's a no no.  Taisia is still sleeping (she is usually awake at 7am, it's now after 10am) and Callum is showing signs of sniffles and a cough.  Obviously I'm not wanting to spread our germies around others in the groups, so will call off and have another home day.  Not a bad thing actually.  I have a back room that is in desperate need of attention, It is rather looking like something from the Hoarders show and that surely isn't good.


  1. Aw! I so feel for you Julia. I used to get migraine too - hell when you're HEing. But the kids got very understanding and were quite happy to play for a day. I have a suspicion they learnt more than when I was involved!

  2. Oh you busy busy people! Nice to read the updates. xxx

  3. I'd like to interview you about a project I'd like to do on my blog but I can't find your email... Mine is helpingkara at gmail dot com. If you could drop me a note so I can send you an email, I would really appreciate it. :)