Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time for a quick one...

This one is going to have be a quick posting. I have youngest bubba cradled in my arms sound asleep as I type, it's awkward but I love listening to her little breaths as she lays on my chest.  Moments like this are the ones to treasure as they don't last for long - kids grow up so fast!

Today we have played in the garden (on scooters, drawing with chalk, throwing a ball, and jumping on the trampoline).  We've read books, used the internet for games and research, talked about possible upcoming fuel shortages, and watched a documentary on jellyfish - leading to a geography lesson and a discussion about food chains.  Unfortunately I've no photos to show as my camera needed a battery recharge, I'm sure I'll make up for it tomorrow :)

I borrowed a book from the library by Nick Baker which I flicked through this afternoon.  It is called The First-Time Naturalist and I highly recommend it. It's full of information and things to do, many of which we have earmarked for giving a go over the next few months.  I love books that appear like a found treasure as you flick through the pages.  I just know that this one will be looked at again and again so am off to order a copy for keeps.

Tiegan went off to try Guides this evening, which she is due to start in September.  She absolutely loved it, and came home totally buzzing with enthusiasm with tales of what she had gotten up to.

I've been sat here in her absence planning what we can do tomorrow, watch out for some science experiments and lapbooking stuff coming to a blog near you....

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  1. Hello Julia, haven't been here for a while but thought I'd swing by and say hi. Was chatting to Gemma Challis, our lovely mutual friend the other day and she said she knew you. Its a small world! best wishes, paula x