Monday, March 26, 2012


Today has been one of those look back and smile days.  I feel as if it has been a fruitful day, a lots done and we are all happy sort of day, in other words - a bloomin' fabtastic day.

First of all I made a list.  As old fashioned as it may seem nowadays, I do feel that my day flows much better if I have an outline of what direction it may take.   Nothing is set in stone, plans are always likely to change, but I use it as a guideline and it lists everything from remembering to sort the laundry to ideas of what the kids can do.  The list is for me and me alone, leaving the children free to choose their own path, but if they care to join in with whatever I am doing they are more than welcome.

Once the supermarket delivery had been received, checked and put away, I downloaded a 71 page Spider 'notebooking' file from Currclick for Tiegan.  It was on offer and with the currency conversion it worked out at just 63p - bargain.  Tiegan is very much into doing 'schoolwork'.  She loves to be working on a project; using workbooks, answering questions on a worksheet, writing up an essay - whatever.  She often asks if there is any 'schoolwork' to do each morning, in complete contrast to the others who never ask but just get involved if something takes their fancy.  I find it quite interesting that Tiegan feels this way as she has never been to school nor personally experienced that way of 'learning' but the whole sitting at the table with pen and paper in hand to learn is something she is perfectly comfortable with.  I wonder if it is just how she is, or if she has been influenced in some way by what she has seen in the media or read in books.

I digress.

With Tiegan looking through her new 'work', I started to put together the lapbook frame.  Joseph pottered around and decided to get the camera out and take a few shots...

Whilst this was all going on, Chelsea had got out the microscope and it wasn't long before we were all crowding around the computer it was linked to and checking out what was displayed.

A ladybird wing (the ladybird was already dead!)

A single strand of hair...

A flower from the garden...


We gave the place a quick tidy up before deciding that the day was far too nice to be spent inside.  Instead we hung washing out on the line then headed to the park - Chelsea decided to stay home and bake :)

Taisia, Tiegan, Callum and Joseph all seemed to really enjoy their time out of the house.  Monday is usually our local group day but we had to miss it this week as dh had the car.  We didn't miss out on the sunshine though...

I love the way that my children gain so much pleasure from a simple trip to the local park.  It isn't an all singing all dancing play centre.  There isn't any high flying zipwires or indoor ball pools.  There isn't any fancy pants water feature to duck and dive around, but still we have smiles and laughter.  I love that.

What I love even more is their relationships with each other.  To see a 14 year old boy role-playing a cops and robbers sort of game with his younger siblings makes my heart burst with pride.  Having your big bro joining in with your games is seriously good fun - especially when they give chase :)  Just to stack up the brownie points further, Joe even let Callum sit on his shoulders all the way up the hill home.  What a guy!  Joseph is developing into such a kind hearted lad, with a fantastical sense of humour.  He has made me laugh out loud for real many times today, something I will always treasure.

After an hour or so it was time to head for home, where we discovered some baking going on...

Chelsea made Nutella cookies and having tried them after dinner, they are utterly delicious, far nicer than shop bought biscuits.

Once all was cleaned up, we had a reading session which Taisia seemed to enjoy greatly.  Dinner was a deliciously cooked from scratch affair, where everyone had a job to do - from helping prepare and cook the food to baby entertaining.  Food was then eaten and enjoyed by all, dishes were washed and dried, rats and rabbit checked over and fed, cat cuddled, and then dog played with.  

We didn't manage to do work on our roundhouse model, nor visit the library - both of which were on the list - but we did manage to adapt to the circumstances and enjoy ourselves, and we benefited greatly from doing so.  The list did serve a purpose though, to get me off my backside and away from the computer screen - something I need to do again now so I can head for bed!


  1. Anonymous2:28 am

    I love those days! :)

  2. Hiya, Just stumbled across your blog, I love it! Beautiful, happy photos! I'm off to follow you and read some more x

  3. Have finally caught up with you via my phone lap top died a death and we are awaiting a new one. Love reading your posts and Joseph looks a super cool young man. we have finally met some lovely home ed families and have abandoned desk work for much needed social contact!!!

    Love to you San and co x x

  4. I may need to get into this list milarkey... my memory just isn't want it use to be. Today I have forgotten to go to the library and return a seriously overdue dvd, pick up Rye's bike from the bikeshop and put the laundry out to dry..which will now have to be re-washed.

    Must get organised I have a ginormous grocery shop coming tomorrow too! Eeek.