Monday, March 26, 2012


I *think* we are all better now.  Well, almost.

Lee (husband) still has the dreadful rash caused by a reaction to a chemical used for his work (we think).  Both arms and one leg are covered with red pimple like spots, and the poor guy is itching like crazy.  He took the day off work on Friday as his leg had swollen up to over three times the size of the other.  Nasty.  An appointment with the Doctor was made, new tablets and a tube of cream were issued, slight recovery has been instigated.

The rest of us are pretty much back to full health which is a huge relief, although sleep is still infrequent and rather scarce.

We had a lovely group meeting on Monday at Teignmouth.  Taisia showed that she was back to her ol' happy self again by literally running me ragged.  I was all over the place!  The same could be said for the group meeting on Wednesday.  Lee had a day booked off work as holiday so he came along to the group with us.  We checked out the Exeter museum beforehand, then stopped to eat lunch in one of the city parks.  It always amazes me how Exeter has so many green spaces of peacefulness just yards away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre.  We bought pancakes from a nearby food van and they were utterly yummy.

Tiegan and Callum enjoyed running around the grassy area together, and posing for the odd photo...

My little man even took time out to pick me some flowers.


The group was, erm, an interesting one for me.  I have never run around so much!  I thought that having Lee there would offer me the chance to have a catch up and natter with other families, but nope.  Lee ended up talking to everyone whilst I gave chase.  Taisia was certainly enjoying herself - rather energetically. She did take a 5 minute break from causing chaos as she asked to go on the swing, but she refused to look at the camera as I tried to take a shot - 12 pictures were taken and none of them had her looking at me, cheeky madam.  This one I thought was kinda cute all the same...

I have managed to squeeze in a bit of creativeness to the last few days, but I can't share my makes just yet as they are for a swap.  Rather interestingly, the days I've managed to have some arty 'me' time are the days when I haven't had a headache form.  Hmmm.  I've also signed up for the seasons swap again on the Greenparent forum so need to get my thinking cap on to decide what to send this time, I don't know why I like to add to my already busy workload I really don't - I'll never learn.

Chelsea and Joseph have been really enjoying time with friends recently, meeting up with others on Friday nights and Sundays, along with the home-ed group meetings.  Joseph is having a style change at the moment, losing some of his 'goth' / 'emo' look and developing into being a little more mainstream.  He is looking good!  We did recently dye his hair a reddish tone though, so he is not totally mainstream :)

Tiegan has got to go to visit her soon to be Guiding pack next week, so much excitement in the household.  She has also been thoroughly enjoying the milder weather - spending lots of time outdoors reading and jumping on the trampoline (not often at the same time!)  She has also been riding her bike around the garden and participated in many role-playing games with Callum.  She would like to start swimming, so I need to check out the cost of various local pools.

Callum is still the wild child, very much into doing his own thing and not following the rules, but oh how I love him for it.  He has a wonderful sense of freedom, living each day with a carefree attitude I can only envy and hope to emulate.  Callum's favourite thing at the moment is most definitely the X-Box, although he has really enjoyed being out in the garden recently and picking me flowers.

Taisia is truly a little bundle of golden treasure.  She oozes personality when comfortable in her surroundings, and laps up all she can - eagerly learning at every opportunity.  Currently she is able to count to 7, can point to her head, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, shoulders, knees and toes, cradles her 'baby' and says "Aww, it's ok, it's all right" in the cutest of manner, and absolutely adores animals.  She can mimic various animal sounds including dog, cat, pig, duck, cow and horse and happily chatters away throughout the day copying words which she hears in between the baby babble (we have to be very careful what we say!)

Today has been beautiful weather wise.  We popped to church this morning (yes, I went to church with the children - it was my second week), then the teens went off with friends whilst I took the other 3 for a walk around the shops to buy dinner.  The afternoon was spent doing a bit of organisational stuff, including our meal plan for the coming week...

Monday - Linguine with Turkey meatballs and roast peppers.
Tuesday - Vegetable Chilli with Jacket Potatoes.
Wednesday - Spaghetti on Toast topped with cheese (needs to be quick and simple as we are at HE group and Tiegan has to go to Guides in the evening).
Thursday - Tuna Pasta with peas and sweetcorn.
Friday - Vegetable Omelette with chips with peas.

We are looking forward to a busy week ahead, spending time with friends, putting together lapbooks, doing a few science experiments, and finishing off our round house model.  Now I'm back to full health, I may even be able to get back to daily blogging again, we shall see.


  1. Good to see you are well again! All too brief on Wednesday, shall have to try and have an actual conversation this week!

  2. Great to see you all up and on the go again. i am now joining the ranks of the sick and blogging has slowed up :-(
    Looking forward to seeing your posts! great to see everyone coming along well and the sun shinnig!