Monday, April 02, 2012

And so a new week begins...

Another jolly happy day has passed in the Pollard household.

It started just after 7am, with Taisia waking me up with a kiss as she serenaded me with her renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Hokey Cokey.  I really don't believe there is a better way to start the day :)  Once we had gotten up and dressed, we went downstairs and read The Gruffalo, then Taz bought over some flash cards I'd picked up cheaply from a nearby store.  I didn't buy them as a 'learning' tool as such, more as a toy for Taisia as she loves pointing to things in books and tellling us the name of it or, in the case of an animal,  the sound it makes.  Newly learnt words and sounds today included frog, 'rebbit' (frog noise) and apple.

Once the rest of the gang had risen from their pits, I treated myself to a cuppa and a quick email check.  I remembered that I had promised to provide a little bit about myself by way of introduction for a Facebook page that I have just become part of the admin team for.  The page owner Wendy asked me a few questions which I answered and Wendy published to the blog.  You can see the short interview introduction here:  Positive parents and kids blog page. And join the Facebook page here...Positive Parents and Kids Page
Whilst you are on facebook, why not join the Classroom Free page?  I am trying to get into the habit of posting inspirational quotes and useful links over there, so you will get different content to what I post on here much of the time. Classroom Free on Facebook

The home-ed group today was at a nearby organic farm, so off we headed mid-morning for fun in the sunshine with friends.  We had an awesome day, meeting new people and sharing stories.  We strolled around the farm and fell in love with the pigs...

Cows and calf...

and sheep with a lamb...

Spring is definitely well and truly in the air.

We walked around the garden area, reading about war time gardens and going inside a reconstruction of a shelter. I was often found to be just gazing around the place and so wishing we could set up something similar (but perhaps on a smaller scale!)

After we had seen the pigs, sheep and chickens, we headed off for a stroll around the other areas.  

Here, climbing things seemed to be the theme of the day...

Fingers were pointed...

and places explored...

Tree growing moss was stroked and studied, squirrels were watched from the hide, and baby trees were patted, talked to and hugged by dear Taz.

After we had said our goodbyes, we headed for home and conjured up a plan to whisk husband out for an evening of fish and chips by the seaside.  Fortunately, said husband agreed to the plan (or else disappointed children may have ensued), declaring that although he had been at work since 6.45am, he wasn't tired.  Gotta love my man :)  So at 6pm we headed out to the beautiful fishing town of Brixham.

We saw the lifeboat...

and the replica of the Golden Hind...

One of us entertained many passers by with a bit of a song, dance, and the beating of 'drums' - also known as the bench...

That same little person also caused many giggles when she decided that the nice lady who had laughed at her antics and smiled broadly as she passed was worth talking to.  Taz gave chase, shouting "Come back" and "Come here" after the lady who was quite oblivious to what was going on and just continued on her way.  Thankfully Taisia's little legs were no match for the power walking lady and the situation fizzled out on its own accord.

We bought the promised and much looked forward to fish and chips, and found a bench overlooking the harbour to sit and eat.  Fortunately the Brixham seagulls were on their very best behaviour and didn't pester us at all - a few mottled feathered youngsters admired our meal from afar but I have no swoop and grab incidences to report.  The Teignmouth  gull posse could learn a thing or two about manners from them.

Once our meal was finished, we had a stroll around the harbour.

Again, fingers were pointed...

and views of the town admired...

Flowers were also admired for the beauty...

As it was turning dark and with the air temperature dropping rapidly, we returned home.  We were greeted by a little visitor - and a rather hungry one it seems....

I do apologise for the truly dreadful picture quality, but I didn't want to harass the dear little fella.  I don't know if it is the same hedgehog that met me at the back door last night as I let the cat in.  That one was very vocal, growling at me in such a way I thought the Beast of Dartmoor had followed us home!  The cat was very put out to find this rather prickly thing sitting firmly in his food bowl snaffling his food - the cheek of it!  I heard all about it through the constant meowing from Harry, he seemed most disgruntled, as if he was telling me to go and sort it out :)  Tonight's visitor appeared to be slightly smaller (although that could be a trick of the light or tired eyes talking), and was certainly more chilled out.  He or she just continued to munch away on the cat food whilst we stood nearby, there wasn't a growl to be heard.

We are very happy to have our prickly friends sharing our garden again as it means no slug manages to reach the kitchen!

I shall leave you with a photograph of my beautiful flowers that my husband bought for me on Saturday - for no other reason than he wanted to.  I'm a lucky gal.


  1. Anonymous5:17 am

    Beautiful flowers ... Beautiful children ... Beautiful hedgehog - we don't have those things where we are :(.

    I really DO love that town picture. What an awesome place!

    I love your blog, BTW! :)

    ~ Kirsji in Arizona, USA ~

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Kirsji, lovely to hear from readers :)

  2. You are truely blessed to live in such a lovely part of the world and to have such a lovely family. May your journey continue in hapiness! Fab flowers too xXx

  3. As always lovely pics but I especially liked those of Brixham, what a great place/plaice!! to eat your fish and chip supper.

    San xx

  4. just echoing everyone else with how lovely :-) i'd love to live near the sea.
    Love reading about your sunshiney life Julia xxxx hugs xxx