Sunday, April 01, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

***Total photo overload, so grab yourself a cuppa***

Thursday was a bit of dull day if the truth be known.  We didn't do half of what I had hoped we would, instead everyone just pottered around the house doing their own thing.  I was feeling a little bleurgh, not sure why, just struggling with zilch energy and enthusiasm.

There was lots of reading going on though...

Note the pizza faced child - we had takeaway :)

It was a bit of a strange one as Lee was doing a double shift at work - he left the house at 7am, came home briefly for a 40 minute quick-eat-dinner break, left and didn't return until 4.30am on Friday.  It felt as if I were a bit in limbo land.  Lee wasn't working away and was expected home, I just had no idea at what time. Tiegan went to Brownies in the evening, then we all got a bit hungry so I treated us to a pizza takeaway - hence the grubby face above.

My Friday, in contrast, was  a very busy one.  3 of the 5 children had somewhere they needed to go to, and all 3 needed something special to wear.  Luckily it was pay day so we could go into town for supplies.  Tiegan had been invited to a birthday party, and it was requested she dress as a princess.  Cue a quick search of the house for a non-broken tiara which proved fruitless, so a new one was needed.  Chelsea and Joseph were off to the Easter themed youth club and needed costumes.  Chelsea decided to just add rabbit ears and a pom pom to her behind and call herself that Easter bunny (I like her style!), whereas the outfit for Joe needed a bit more thought.  It was decided he would go as an Easter egg box :)

It felt as if I did not sit down all afternoon and evening.  We went to town in the morning, dropped the rent into my brother's house (and had a tour of his new place), went to the pub for lunch (a rare treat and a very enjoyable one it has to be said), came home and got Tiegan ready for her party, drove Tiegan to be dropped off for the said party at 3pm, then came home to make a start on the costume making.  Costumes were finished at 6.15pm, and it was then time to help the teens get ready.  7pm I was driving them to their youth club, then shopping at the supermarket for essentials - well chocolate and cream cakes count as essentials right??  8.15pm I was home and unpacking shopping, which just left time for a quick cuppa and chocolate eclair before leaving at 8.45pm to pick Tiegan up from her party at 9.  I then continued on to pick up the teens and hear all about their antics - lots of fun was had, clearly.


Saturday started amazingly wonderfully - with a gorgeous bunch of flowers and box of choccies being bought home for me by my husband.  I can't tell you how much joy that simple but thoughtful act gave me.  The rest of the day passed without incident - with nothing more to be shared.  Ooooh, almost nothing.  I did start crocheting a ripple patterned cushion cover (no pics as yet).  Was great to have hook in hand once more.

Now on to today.

Today has been THE best day, not even a raging headache could wipe away my smile (it tried really hard though, it really did!)

Church started 45 minutes earlier today which meant our Sunday morning wasn't quite as relaxed as it usually is.  The service was fabulously uplifting as always, and thought provoking.  We heard people speak about overseas missionary work, and watched a video about the work that goes on by the local churches and beyond.  Fan-bloomin'-tastic!  The theme of the preach was no excuses - everyone can offer *something*.  It doesn't have to be overseas, it doesn't have to be financial, it doesn't have to be time-consuming - a kind word, a listening ear, a prepared meal - everyone is capable of bringing something to enrich others lives.

Taisia loves going to church.  She sits with me throughout and particularly likes the singing part.  She stands on the seats dancing away, or bopping in my arms, clapping her hands and copying those that raise their hand in praise of the Lord - beautiful.

After Church, we went to pick up Lee and head off to......

We actually had no idea but settled on driving to Dartmoor, stopping at the store on the way to gather food supplies.  What an utterly glorious day for picnic!  There wasn't a cloud in the sky.  Don't believe me?   Just look...

I know I've said it time and time again, but Dartmoor is just my favourite place to spend time with my family.  The freedom it allows, the breathtaking views, the changing landscape, the atmosphere and structures - I just love it.  Here is where I bombard you with pictures, I hope you don't mind (if you do I suggest you say goodbye now, but do come back and visit again soon!)

We decided to stop by this river.  Isn't it just beautiful?  There were signs around notifying of salmon spawning in the river, so we couldn't paddle today, but we did love baby fishy spotting...

as well as searching for other river dwelling creatures...

We laid out picnic blankets and enjoyed the food and social family time...

and we explored...

 We ran...

We jumped...

We relaxed and admired the view...

My gorgeous husband, I love him lots.

We played...

 we cuddled...

and kissed...

We posed for photographs...

and obviously I took more than a few, often with a little helper in tow...

Taisia had an absolutely wonderful time.  With fresh air, freedom and food, she was a happy gal.  

She thought she might go this way...

or that way...

or maybe even that way...

In the end she just ran wherever, just because she could...

After a couple of hours we cleared up (again with a helper) ...

and headed off to witness stunning sights such as these...

We walked once more...

singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as we did so - 'cos that's how we roll :)

Exhausted but blissfully happy we returned home, where I promptly went to bed as my head was about to explode.  It didn't spoil the day though, the smile on my face is yet to leave :)


  1. Love all the photos that you always take..and hearing about your day and kiddos.

    Karen (another homeschooling mum who lives in New Zealand)

    1. Thank you Karen, I always love reading comments from readers :)

  2. I must holiday in Dartmoor soon! A dose of moorland, ooh yeah.

    Beautiful photos, just love it. :D

    1. Oh Joxy, you really should!

  3. lovely pics, looks like you had a great time together. Nice. Have a good Easter. x

    1. Thanks Janice hunny, hope your Easter is a lovely one too. Hope you are all well, will pop over to your blog and see what you've been up to in a mini-mo :)

  4. Love the photos... maybe the good Lord graced you with extra oomph to enjoy your day despite the banging head?!

    Your church sounds like a really good place to be.

    Love and hugs

    San and co xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous - you may well be right! I was so determined not to spoil the day so kept the headache hidden. I'm sure my family are fed up with my seemingly constant complaint!
      Huge hugs to you lovely lady xx

  5. You look really happy, Julia :-D

    1. I am Mirjam, blissfully so :)

  6. Wow, only just read this (catching up with my very tardy blog reading). Such beautiful photos, I LOVE Dartmoor! What a wonderful day you had!