Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh where have I been!

I've been in hiding again haven't ?  Why?  Because time on the computer is becoming less and less, and time spent reading, knitting and crocheting is becoming more and more - yay! Also tidying, lots of tidying - not so yay!

I must admit we do tend to hibernate somewhat during the school holidays.  Devon goes tourism crazy and I really can't be bothered to try trawling around finding parking spaces and fighting crowds in places we can enjoy at other times of the year when quieter.  This of course means a boring blog write up such as this, but as from Monday, normal blog service shall be resumed.

The weather has been doing a funny dance recently hasn't it?  One day beautiful sunshine, the next day piddling with rain - even snow in some parts.  We have spent a fair few days at home, and husband has worked away for a few nights and days, which is always an upset to the dynamics of the household.

I've been trying to sort out our house and make it more into a home.  I've been re-arranging furniture, buying and making little accessories, and just generally having a de-clutter, room by room.  I've been trying to make little corners of the house toddler-friendly but still neat and tidy.  Not an easy task in this household full of crap junk erm, things believe me!

So far we are looking like this:
The fireplace...

Taisia's toy corner...

and her read and relax corner...

There is a reading area in the dining room...

It's all starting to come together isn't it?

I painted some old cabinets that were in our dining room and they have now been placed on top of one another to make a tall unit to hold our TV and game consoles.  It looks ok, but we are still on the look out for other furniture, preferring to go down the old and refurbish route as opposed to buying new.

We've had some lovely days with friends, some great snuggly film watching days, and some nice play games and just enjoy each others company days, life is pretty darn good ya know.

I haven't really got very much else to share with you.  We have been planning a Queens Jubilee celebration for June 5th, inviting a few people over to celebrate with (hopefully, weather permitting!) a garden party.  The kids are looking forward to being involved with decoration making and baking - should be a fun time :)

We've had to have a rethink of our Wednesday group plans.  The group has introduced a paid for option which is great for most members, but I don't think it's going to work for us.  I've had a long chat with my lot and we were all worried that it would change the group dynamics rather and as it is such a distance away (and thus costly to attend week in week out) we are going to give it a miss.  I've promised that we will replace the group meetings with other things - meeting friends, visits to places they want to go to, picnics, beach trips, etc - as well as doing things that they enjoy at home such as science experiments and games afternoons.  We shall have to see how things go.

I shall leave you with two delicious gifts I've received from members of the "secret crafters" group on Facebook.  A lovely bracelet and a pair of knitted gloves...

A lucky girl I am, I am a lucky girl :))  Thank you secret crafters xx

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  1. Your very tidy and organised house puts mine to shame! Love those gloves! xxx