Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What has made you smile today?

This morning started with me waking up on the sofa, with Taisia cradled in my arms.  I hate falling asleep downstairs and not going to bed.  Squeezing onto the sofa with a not-so-little-one-any-more and trying to get a good nights sleep is as impossible as it sounds.


I guess on the plus side it does mean that I awaken earlier than normal and thus can get on with washing any dishes and tidying up before the children one by one encroach upon my time.

Lee (husband) didn't have to be in work until this afternoon as he was down for doing a late job again.  This meant I had the use of a big strong man - just what I needed to fulfil today's plan.  I decided that the time had come to get the garden sorted and organise what we are planting.  I want to do a few of the flower beds this year (we neglected them terribly last year), and I want to make up a few pots.  I thought Lee would be useful for loading up the grow bags and compost.

That didn't happen.

We did head out to a garden centre, with 3 girlies in tow.  We did amble around the massive greenhouse/shop admiring flowers and checking out prices.  We did splash in puddles - well, at least the smallest amongst us did.  Taisia only had (brand new, 2 days old) summer canvas shoes on but that didn't stop her making a very determined beeline to the wet patch and jumping and tip-tapping right in the middle of it.  The smile and giggles were infectious, although I'm not sure that the older people walking by approved, their disapproving looks could be spotted from a distance.


We left empty handed, deciding to head for nearby Trago for a look around their garden provisions.

We walked around the main store first, and ended up buying Taisia a new toy and book storage space.  It's only small, but at £25 it is perfect for what we need it for.  I also treated Lee to a new book on photography, and Tiegan a pocket guide to rocks and minerals.  We walked around the ornate gardens at the back of the garden centre and Chelsea fell in love with the Japanese model garden.  I fell in love with it for a different reason -just purely because this gorgeous little lady had set up nest there...

A perfect shot for our nature journal - thanks mama ducky :)  The pictures are of poorer quality than usual as they were taken by my phone camera.  I didn't take the D90 beast out with me today.

Taisia again enjoyed her time outside, she is getting quite the adventurous explorer.  She tested the water...

and kissed stone cats ever so sweetly...

I have a confession to make.

We didn't buy a single plant, bag of compost, or grow bag.  In that sense it was a completely wasted trip (and wasted access to muscle!)  We spent far too long dawdling around and it was soon clear that we should make a move so Lee could eat lunch before leaving for work.

We came home to find that our new telephone had arrived.

I can't begin to say how much I love my new home phone.  We have gone back to basics - no caller display, no phone book feature, no built in answer machine.  We have even gone back to being restricted where we talk - right in the hallway - attached by a curly wire.

This is how my hall table looks so far...

I'm not usually a fan of union jack stuff, considering much of it to be tacky and hating the whole commercialism thing, but I just needed to have this phone and I love how it looks.  I smile each time I pass it sitting there.  I won't mention that I literally squealed with joy to hear a proper 'ring ring' when I called to test that it was working properly - I won't mention it as you probably think (or know) I'm a silly enough mama already :)

Simple things please...

The children have had a completely relaxed day where they have watched TV, played on the Xbox, read a book or three, and baked banana cake.  We made french bread pizza for dinner, with each child putting their toppings of choice on their own slices.  They were YUM!  They were so YUM that I thought they tasted nicer than the pizza delivery we had had last week.

Lee came home at 10pm and I could relax safe in the knowledge that all of my gang were at home and ok.

So that's it for today, nothing else to report.  I will just leave you with a couple of photographs from our Brixham trip yesterday....

I was trying to encourage Taisia over to eat a bit of fish - she was too busy trying to dance with the seagulls.

I love this fella's smile, he is a happy little soul. 

Finally we have a smile, a photo with a smile from Joseph, wow!!!  We sure need champagne to celebrate that one!


  1. ohhhh how i love that phone!! very apt for this years jubilee celebrations!

  2. This blog has made me smile. Thank you. Great photos, lovely writing. Gotta love that telephone

  3. Hi Julia
    Newbie here saying hi! Think we may have a mutual friend in common.