Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Meeting...

Monday means meeting up with friends at the local home-ed group.  Today we headed over to Goodrington Beach.

The tide was being most accommodating, with low tide being just after everyone had arrived.  This meant fabulous rockpools to explore.

We saw sea anemones, crabs - including a rather impressive hermit crab, sea slugs, sea snails, and various baby fishes.

I really don't know what the matter was with me today.  I wasn't feeling very sociable and tended to skirt around the sidelines looking in.  Everyone seemed to be deep in conversation with people and I took myself off with Taisia to eat and play.  I guess I have so much going through my mind at the moment it's unsurprising to think that I need time to myself sometimes.  I can't keep putting on the smiley all is fine mask, although I can get on with things the best I can and not wallow in self-pity - that isn't what I'm like at all.

Fortunately, my children were more sociable that I felt today...

They had a great time. 

Taisia explored, as per usual.  Chelsea and I took it in turns to fetch her back again.

She did enjoy showing off her wellie-bobs though :)

I came home from the group early (much to Callum's disgust - until he realised he could have more time on the X-Box).  The others read books, went on the laptop, and played on the trampoline.

I went and picked up husband from work, then we went for our 2nd day of Couch to 5K.  I found it easier this time, despite the hills.  The weather was a lot warmer than our first day, but we went slightly further and recovered quicker - all good signs.  We really enjoyed the feeling of achievement and I do enjoy having a running partner, it really helps to have someone willing you on when those hills feel never ending.

We have got a much quieter week planned for this week which is much needed.  I really need to start focusing on a few things I want to work on and achieve, there are lots of things that need to be started, much that needs completing, and things that need organising and planning.   It's all good and very exciting.  Hopefully I shall be able to share which direction I'm going in with you all very soon.


  1. They are truly awesome wellies!

  2. We are starting Couch to 5k today. Running and me have never mixed well, but hoping for a better outcome this go around.