Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sniffly Sunday...

Oh dear, it appears the Pollard household has once again been hit by the sniffly lurgy.

All of us have the odd sniffle, but poor Taisia is really suffering - constant runny nose, watering eyes, slight fever - poor little mite.

We stayed at home all day, none of us really having the energy to venture out.  I had really wanted to experience the Olympic torch relay but Taisia had fallen asleep at the time we needed to leave to view it locally so we gave it a miss.  Disappointing.

After dinner (yummy home-made cottage pie, I need to make that more), we decided that we had done enough sitting around at home.  Taisia was looking a lot brighter, and we thought a stroll in the fresh air would do her the world of good.  We headed to Teignmouth seafront, armed with cameras, and had a lovely walk to blow the cobwebs away...


  1. Hope you are all feeling better soon xxx

  2. i can relate to the snuffles. myself and the kids i look after have all fallen victim to them and i will be very pleased when they BOG OFF!!! grrrrrrrrrr
    Hope they leave you all alone very soon x