Saturday, May 19, 2012

The start of something...

I have been feeling really tired and rather lethargic of late.  I know I need to have a complete overhaul of my life and change my ways regarding food and sleep.  4 people have recently told me that I have lost weight - that's not a good thing for me, I don't have much weight to lose.  I estimate that I'm down to around 6 and a half stone at the moment - the heaviest that I've ever been (with the exception of pregnancy) is 7 stone. I've had a lot going on recently privately - not all good - and this has also contributed to my feeling run down and as if life is getting too much.   I hardly ever feel hungry, so I forget to eat.  Weird I know, especially considering the amount of eating that goes on around me.  Obviously the children have meals and snacks throughout the day, most of which I prepare but don't eat.   Getting to dinner time at 5-6pm and realising that I have eaten nothing throughout the day is a regular occurrence - not good for a busy mama of 5 children, trying to set up a brand new business and help run her husband's business, alongside home-educating.

Sleeping and bed times are another bad habit of mine.  I tend to leave a lot of what I need to do until all the children are in bed (or in the case of Taisia asleep as she stays with me).  This can sometimes mean that it's pass 11pm, even midnight, before I even start to respond to emails, write my blog, work on the websites, organise the home-ed group stuff, etc etc.  Throughout the day I can sometimes manage bits and pieces, but nothing that takes full concentration levels, I often have a little person trying to help me when I'm on the computer and buttons get pressed and pages closed.  I find it less frustrating if I have total calm and peace for doing 'important' things, but it means I'm often working away until 3am, then up at sometime before 7am to drop my husband at work.

My body is (not surprisingly) rebelling against such neglect.  I'm feeling constantly tired, my skin is grey and lacklustre, my eyes heavy, headaches occurring almost daily, and my limbs feel achy and heavy.  It's not good, has been going on for far too long, and it's time to admit I need to change.

Last week I ordered a pair of new trainers and cropped leggings in the hope of starting to regain some level of fitness.  I figured that by starting to increase my exercise levels slightly, that in turn should increase my appetite, and hopefully start me thinking about settling into a sleep pattern.  That's the plan.

Today myself and my husband started the Couch to 5K challenge.   Obviously we did Day 1, of Week 1.   Together we walked and ran 1.44 miles, mostly up hill (we live in a very hilly area!), and we loved it!  We managed to follow the plan completely, doing each walk and run as commanded - although the uphill runs were a struggle!  I highly recommend the RunDouble phone app if you want to give the challenge a go.  It makes the timing really easy as it tells you (verbally) when to run for 60 seconds and walk for 90 seconds so there is no need to keep checking the clock.  It was really good having someone to run with as we could encourage each other, I'm not sure I'd have kept going if it wasn't for having my husband with me. 

I made sure that I ate well too, with breakfast, lunch and fruit throughout the day, followed by a pasta meal for dinner.  I confess to eating popcorn in the evening though, but as I'm not trying to lose weight (and in fact need to increase it) for me it's not about healthy dieting.  Our food intake is pretty healthy anyway, and I'm not going to cut out the chocolate and treats, but I will introduce more fruits and 'grazing' snacks throughout the day.  I went to bed at midnight, far earlier than recently, so more sleep was gained too.

Hopefully today will be the start of a new routine.  We don't have to run again until Monday, but I can keep up the food intake and ensure more sleep in the meantime.  I shall let you know of progress (or lack of) as time goes on.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to do some project planning, although if the weather is nice we shall head off somewhere with the cameras instead.

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  1. oooh good luck with it Julia! I'll be thinking about you and hope I can send you some of my too large appetite !!!