Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sun, Friendships and Smiles....

I have had a fabulous day.  I feel fully refreshed, with my friendship cup well and truly over flowing and my soul batteries recharged.

We had arranged to meet with a gorgeous family before our home-ed group today.  The plan was to meet at Exeter museum and then enjoy a picnic on the Cathedral Green in the sunshine.  Due to a technical glitch we met up later than planned, and the sky was threatening rain, so instead we had a longer than expected stroll around the museum and ate our food at the home-ed group.  

Taisia had an absolutely fabulously fun time exploring the museum today, and I sheepishly admit that at times I struggled to keep up!  She was quick stepping around the glass exhibit cases and I confess to deploying the troops at one stage so we could tackle her from both sides - that little lady is quick!  Oh what a true pleasure it is to be witness to such a happy child though.  Taisia appears to adore life and is determined to squeeze every bit of joy from each and every opportunity.  She walked through the museum as if the exhibits formed a maze, stopping at anything that caught her eye to be sure to tell someone about it.  There she would stand, arms waving in a very animated fashion as she huffed and puffed some form of garbled baby talk sprinkled with a few recognisable words.  Elephant is a word that Taisia likes and appears to want to use often, as is Harry (the name of our cat).  Harry crops up in all manner of bizarre places - egyptian tombs, world war 2 bunkers, and with the polar bear to name but a few.  

Due to the fact that I was certainly kept on my toes throughout our visit (I'm not complaining, I love her infectious smile and utter mischief making scrumptiousness), photos for this posting are in very short supply.  I can however share with you a couple from our helmet trying on session...

Callum was totally in his element.  He loves all things warrior like and has a real thirst for knowledge of ancient weapons and armour.  I must try to facilitate this further as I'm sure there is much scope for going deeper if his interest desires.  

Chelsea's particular favourite section of the museum is World Cultures, and Taisia certainly seemed to follow that passion today.  She was often seen looking at the bright coloured clothing and model figures, and seemed particularly drawn to the replica Totem pole, sitting down on the floor in front of it for a good hard look.  She got very excited at the sight of the shoes - a girl after my own heart it seems. 

I love how life offers such a bountiful supply of learning opportunities without my children even realising they are learning.  My children don't view the museum as an educational visit, they see it as a wonderfully interesting place which is host to many incredibly interesting things.  They love connecting exhibits with something that relates to themselves in some way - perhaps an object was found in a place they have visited, or they have read a book about the person that discovered it or previously owned it.   The museum offers such a diverse range of objects - stuffed animals, sea creature specimens in jars, culturally significant items, clothing through the ages, prehistoric formations - the list goes on and on, and this diversity lends itself to such interesting discussions and future research.  

The home-ed group in the afternoon was great, so nice to be back amongst warmly welcoming and fabulous people.  The teens really enjoyed their time back with friends that they hadn't seen in a while, and Taisia enjoyed doing the vanishing trick on me on more than one occasion - she sure puts those feet to good use now!  

This evening has been spent researching train and cinema times with the teens as they are off to watch a film tomorrow with friends.  This of course means that I have got a day in with the younger three and I have been thinking about what we can get up to.  I was going to take them out somewhere, but we are out for the day on Friday and we could probably do with a bit of a rest - we may go for a stroll somewhere nice with the dog if the weather plays nicely, or we could just play in the garden.  We have a paper globe set that we haven't opened yet, and I think Tiegan has got one or two experiment kits that she wants to try out.  I need to think about what may interest Callum, as I feel it might be nice to see if I can tempt him away from the X-Box.  I know that not having to compete with Joseph for time playing on it will be rather appealing.   My parents are now back from their Birmingham trek so they are going to visit us some time in the day too, and Tiegan has got her Brownies meeting in the evening. 

I'm going to leave you with a couple of video out takes from a recent filming session of Taisia.  At 18 months, Taisia does a really cute rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, with many recognisable words and a fair bit of baby slurring to a similar tune.  She loves singing it and attempting the actions.  I thought it would be nice to film her doing it so I could share it with people whom ask about her often but don't get to see her.  I failed miserably but some how that little lady still had me smiling...

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