Thursday, May 17, 2012

When days don't go to plan...

Do you remember reading the end of my last blog post when I was spouting on about paper globe kits and baking and experiments?  Well you can delete all of that 'cos it didn't happen.

Some days it just seems as if the hours whizz by in seconds and I have achieved nothing more than making dinner (and that is on a good day!)

My morning started at 6.30am when I got up with the littlest lady to drive dh to work so I could have the car for the day.  We share a car as the cost of running two is just too high.  The cost of the bus network here is ridiculously silly so it works out financially better for us if I drive dh into work and pick him up later.   I only needed the car to take the teens to the train station.  They had organised a day with friends, hanging around in Exeter then heading to the cinema to watch Dark Shadows.  If they had taken the bus to the train station it would have cost around £7 for the two of them, meaning just their transport tickets to Exeter would have been almost £15 in total before they'd even bought a thing! Bonkers.

The morning went by in a flurry it seems; dropping dh at work, stopping at the supermarket (best time for shopping as it's so early and quiet), driving home, unpacking the shopping, feeding little one, putting a wash load in the machine, getting the other children up, cuddling little one after a fall, unloading the washing machine and putting another wash on, putting the first load in the dryer as it kept threatening rain, cuddling little one just because she wanted a cuddle, cleaning the bathroom whilst trying to discourage the same little one from cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush (how do they get toothpaste all down the sides of the bath and is there a reason why I can never find the flamin' lids to all the tubes of cream etc??!!), piling all 5 young people into the car, driving to the station and dropping two teens off, driving home again and unloading 3 young people from the car, changing a smelly nappy, hoovering the downstairs floors and mopping, preparing lunch, getting the hoover back out again after discovering broken biscuits and rice krispies down the back and sides of the sofa cushions, snuggling Taisia as she was tired and in need of a sleep, then answering the phone to my dad who said him and my mum would be over in 5 minutes...

Cue a rush around ensuring the place was reasonably tidy after it had been attacked by the toy hurricane known as Taisia, and putting the kettle on!

In the meantime whilst this whirlwind of activity was occurring, Tiegan and Callum were playing on the Wii - Wii Party, Wii Carnival, and Wii Sports Resort.

My parents came over for a 'quick' visit.  Soup and bread for lunch followed by lots of nattering.  Then my dad asked for help updating the map on his Satnav system, oh let the fun begin!  Firstly dad didn't have a connecting USB wire so I had to hunt through our wires to find one that fitted his Satnav.  Finally found that my camera wire was the same fitting and we went through the whole needing to update your maps process etc etc.  Dad needed the European version as well as the UK one (they live in Spain), and after much searching we found it would cost £50.  Hmm, I wasn't sure it was worth it when the Satnav is pretty old and you can buy all singing all dancing new ones for not much more if you look around.  

So, we didn't update the maps and I wondered how I could get back that wasted hour and a half of my life.

Mum and dad only stayed a little longer, then it was time for me to wash the dishes, sort out the laundry again, change another nappy, book a table at a restaurant for tomorrow night, load the children into the car again and head out to pick up dh from work.  I had time to squeeze in a cuppa before making dinner - chilli and rice, which I had planned to do in the slow cooker but had forgotten to take the mince out of the freezer to defrost *sigh*.

After dinner, Taisia and I walked Tiegan to her Brownies session, then we jumped into the car to pick up the teens from the station.  They had had an awesome day and that made me very happy.

Phew just writing all that down makes me tired, but it has made me realise just where the time went.  I was sad that I didn't do what I had planned to with the children, but they were more than happy entertaining themselves on the wii, talking to their grandparents about nature programmes and where different animals live around the world, reading books, making me laugh, and just generally having smiles on their faces - I think they actually got more out of having a relaxed day at home than if I'd tried to 'encourage' any activities.

I guess I now have a record of what a 'housewife' does all day :)

The house certainly benefited from a quick spruce up, and the kids seem to have benefited from having some 'just be you' time as we have had lots of 'must do' time over the past few days with the home-educating families meeting on Tuesday then the group on Wednesday and two consecutive days visiting the museum.

This evening I wanted to do some project ideas and planning stuff but alas my eyes are saying no and declaring a protest so I shall leave that until over the weekend and head off to bed.


  1. Hmm...that sounds a bit like the days we have here. I think sometimes you just have to let go and lower your expectations for the day when things seem to be heading in the opposite direction. At least keeping a blog shows you where all the time went!

  2. I know days like this all too well. We do so much yet, nothing we've planned.