Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Tumblings...

We had made an arrangement to visit friends this morning, so that was the plan.  Not all of the children wanted to come along though - purely because we are talking about visiting a lovely lady with just a delightful small person, around the age of Taisia.  Chelsea wanted to stay home and do her own thing, Joseph wanted to play on his new guitar, and Callum was still in bed by the time we were ready to leave.

We went out in plenty of time, parked easily in town, then things started to go wrong.  Firstly there was no sling or any form of carrier for Taisia to go in.  I usually leave both a sling and a hip seat in the car, but there was nothing.  Knowing that the house we were looking for was on a steep hill, that discovery wasn't particularly welcome.  Not to worry, we shall just keep trekking - I have shoulders on which Taisia can sit if tired or the mood takes her, no problem.

We walked through the town centre and began looking for where we needed to go.  Then Taisia fell over.  As she fell she twisted a little and hit the back of head on the floor.  It hadn't seemed particularly hard - certainly no harder than her usual knocks and bumps - and she cried.  I picked her up immediately and cuddled her, she cuddled me back and continued to cry, which was to be expected.  Then her eyes rolled - just for a brief moment and she closed her eyes - for a milli-second of time.  I felt a wave of panic coming over me, and I told her to stay awake.  Thoughts of ringing an ambulance came into my mind, but where were we? I didn't know the name of the road and there were no pedestrians around.  It was raining.  Should I try to flag down a car? It was a fairly busy road so that in itself would have been dangerous.  With this thought process taking just seconds (it takes longer to type and read than it did to actually occur), Taisia had opened her eyes again and was cuddling me, feeling sorry for herself, quietly sobbing.  I wondered if the best option would be to get to our friends house, we were just minutes away and at least I would have an address to offer if necessary.  I carried on walking, carrying Taisia, all the time talking to her and asking her questions.  Questions which she was able to answer clearly and coherently, her speech was unaffected.

I was trying to think of things that needed to be watched for after a bump to the head - unconsciousness, seizure or fit, vomiting, slurred speech and or lack of understanding, clear fluid leaking from nose or ears, bleeding or bruising from behind one or both ears, swelling, irritability, balance problems, hearing loss.  None of these were displayed.

We got to our friends house and re-told the story.  I was a little flustered - not just because of what had happened to dear Taisia and the stressful helpless panic, but because there were also one mighty hill to climb!  Taisia seemed ok.  She was quiet and watchful, but that is her normal behaviour when somewhere brand new.

I vowed to keep a really close eye on her and look out for any signs of trauma - even the slightest hint of something and 999 would be called.

We had a lovely time at our friends, the incident didn't overshadow the enjoyment at all.  Taisia of course had to embarrass me and risk us never being invited back again.  She found Tiegan's full cup of squash and promptly tipped it up and threw it all over the floor.  Gulp.  She also stole a banana she fancied the look of, but didn't eat the scrumptious cake that was offered.  Delightful guest isn't she? *Red faced embarrassment*

Fortunately, although it's a new friendship in the making, it all felt very relaxed and I didn't have to blush for too long.  Thanks goes to the lovely lady concerned for that.

We left at midday and headed to the supermarket.  I stopped in a charity shop along the way and bought two things - namely this:

     and this:   

After a quick buy dinner shop, we headed back to the car and home where Taisia had her usual lunchtime nap (closely watched over by a paranoid mama), and she awoke with smiles, offer of hugs, and a climb down from the sofa with ease.  No co-ordination, speech, or dizziness issues, no signs of headache or black-eye formation, no sickness.  She went up to Joseph and snorted like a pig.  Totally normal behaviour.

Our afternoon was spent reading, cuddling, and watching Taisia like a hawk.  I am only too aware of the dangers of head injuries and the possible repercussions so have been on full alert all day.  I am very grateful that up to the point of writing, no signs of head trauma have been seen.  Such a blessing.

The guitar has been a great hit with all of the children.  Callum has now decided he would like to have a try on a violin as that is an instrument that interests him.  Hmm, a violin might be a little trickier to source at a price we can afford (ie, very little), and I'm sure that there won't be so many tutorial videos available to watch online, but hey ho, we will try to help Callum with his interest just as we have Joseph.  Will have to get thinking cap on for that one.

Chelsea has completed two chapters of her story.  Apparently it is about a post-apocalyptic universe.  Erm, ok.  It is supposed to err on the side of a horror.  Interesting yes?  Hmmm.

Tomorrow we are going to friends again, which I'm very much looking forward to.  Got to find time to bake a cake before we go!

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  1. Yikes. That must have been scary. Glad all seems to be well :)

    1. Indeed it was. I thought I was pretty much prepared for most eventualities having being child number 5, but I admit to being slightly freaked by the eye rolling thing. I remember my mum telling me that I used to do the same thing when I bumped my head, it would freak her out too.

  2. Wow, you've had a full week! Bumps to the head can be scary. Glad everything's ok!

    I was just popping in to ask you to vote for my Magical Mouse Schoolhouse on the Circle of Moms contest. I learned about the contest just last week and am trying to make up for lost ground. Already up to #29, but the competition is fierce near the top, lol! Anyway, I've been voting for you each day, and I'd love it if you could give me a nudge. Thanks so much! I hope you & your family enjoy a relaxing day!

    1. Just voted Jodi and you are number 19 hunny - moving up those rankings!
      Thank you voting for Classroom Free, I shall try to remember to return the favour each day - Good luck!