Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Bliss

Today has been a fabulous day - one of those days when I just can't take that silly grin off my face and I'm sure people wonder what on earth I've been up to.  Despite our financial woes, life is indeed good.

It was home-ed group meeting today - as it is every Monday.  We are one of the few groups in the area to continue plodding along with meetings throughout the summer holidays as members don't want it to cease.   Today's meeting was at a local park and seemingly much fun was had by the children just enjoying time to play and the presence of each others company.

There were around 11 families in all, meaning a total of 17 children.  Ages ranged from 1 through to 16 and it was a real pleasure to watch children just being children.  Differing age groups talked and played together, and there wasn't any girl and boy divide - everyone just got along with no issues.  The weather rained down on us at times, but it didn't dampen any spirits.  The children just continued with whatever they were doing and us grown ups were pretty much sheltered in the seating area having a good ol' natter.  'Twas good.

We shared the park with a group of children with disabilities and it was great to see some of our lot chatting, helping and playing alongside them with ease.  I love the way the kids at the group accept all, there are no differences or barriers, everyone are seen as potential playmates - children are just seen as children - no matter what their disability or appearance.

Before the group I had a busy hour or so putting my printer to work and printing off various resources I use. We have a new to home-ed lovely lady at the group and as always, I want to be as much help as possible.  Home-Ed is something I feel so passionate about, (you never knew that did you?  I hide it so well...), but I very clearly remember the bumbling-around-and-hope-I'm-doing-it-right-feeling I had at the very beginning of our journey.  If I can do anything to help others not feel quite so out of their depth in the early stages (and beyond if necessary), then I'm more than happy to give it a go.

I printed out some writing prompts and quick project ideas that I always have to hand. I also printed out a copy of my tick box subject checklist which I turn to during those 'but we haven't done anything!' moments.  It seemed to be appreciated and I was gifted a hot-chocolate as way of thanks - yum!

We stayed at the park for 4 hours - far longer than I had anticipated in view of the weather conditions.  Once home I set about emailing various people various files and actually following through on my promises to contact people with links and things.  Anyone that has tried to keep in touch with me at any point will know just what a fabulous achievement this is for me - I am the absolute world's worst person to try to keep in touch with.  Emails don't get replied to for weeks (or months!), texts don't get responded to at times, facebook messages go unread and unloved for a while - you get the idea.  I know it's annoying to people, and I do feel guilty, but I have all the very bet intentions to 'reply later' and something happens which prevents me doing so or I just decide to have a night off from the computer and forget.  I dislike this lots and really want to try to stop being such a procrastinator.  Last night I caught up with most of my messages, and this morning I've replied immediately to the new ones in my inbox and on FB - a good start.

My evening was spent trying to get Taisia to sleep, which I managed, finally, but not until after midnight!  (Yes, those of you that have noticed the time of me writing this will realise I've had to rejiggle with the timing - I am actually writing it in the early hours of Tuesday morning but want it to show as a Monday posting - ok clever clogs?!) I had planned on searching for and sharing some links on Facebook, but by the time little lady was having her blissful slumber I felt pretty ill and needed to sleep myself.  Grrrr.  I did share a couple that I can't take the credit for as others had shared them before me, I'll add them here in case I'm not yet friends with you on FB and you find them to be of use...

100 Creative Indoor Activities - Now, you have to ignore one or two of these 'creative activity' suggestions. I'm afraid getting my kids to "Whip out the Swiffer" to dust the floors is not mine (nor their!) idea of creative fun...

Children & Nature Resources

Olympic themed resource - Via studyladder but no need to sign up to get it :)

I'll pop along tomorrow with some more offerings - or you could of course bob along and join my Classroom Free FB page as I'll be adding links to their throughout the coming week for your perusal.

Love and Blessings all, hope everything is well in your little bubbles xxx

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