Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well I'm still here.  The days, as always, are just whizzing on by - often seemingly blurring into one.  I have said it so many times, but it still rings true for me; just where are the days going?!

I'll try to give a brief recap of what's been happening since my last posting although I can't promise that a) everything will be remembered, nor b) everything that is remembered will be in the correct order of play.

I know we've spent lots of time with friends.  We've been to home-ed groups and an orchestral recital which was fabulous.  Dear Taisia loved it muchly.  She clapped her hands, wiggled her bum, and sang along.  At one point there was a few school children playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on recorders and she shouted "Again, again!" afterwards which led to a few giggles in the home-ed kids corner.  Bless her.

We have also spent a fair bit of time at home.  Financially we are still not sorted.  After a huge drop in our tax credit income (huge drop = hundreds of pounds) I'm not too proud to confess we are struggling.  We are just awaiting to hear of the final amount when all areas are sorted out, then we can re-budget and make whatever adjustments we need to.  My dear husband has got a job interview on Tuesday afternoon though, and I'd very much appreciate it if you would keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  The job is much higher paid than his current position and it would put us in better standing should he be fortunate enough to be offered it.  Fingers crossed.

I haven't been online much, choosing instead to spend my time reading and making art.  I know that some of you old timers on this 'ere blog will know that I do love to try to draw and paint.  After struggling through art classes at school and being told on numerous occasions that I just couldn't do it, I am really happy with what I am able to achieve and the joy it brings me.  I am drawing and painting for me, no on else, just because I enjoy the process.  I am happy to share with you what I've been doing, but I am not seeking or in need of approval - I like it, and finally I have come to terms with that being all that matters.  I will be adding positive affirmations to some of these...

This canvas isn't quite finished yet, but I shall share it as a work in progress...

I just love the wording, don't you?

The children have been enjoying their usual youth club, brownies, weekend socialising with friends, etc.  One week the youth club theme was pink, in celebration of a long-term leader leaving - pink is her favourite colour.  Of course, Joseph had to throw himself head on into the theme...

Have I said how much I love him?  My boots, Chelsea's leggings, Tiegan's tutu and top, pink nail varnish on nails, face and hair = much hilarity.

Chelsea went to an introduction day at college a week or so ago and enjoyed it.  She met with her tutors, toured around the college, discussed uniforms and equipment needs, and seemed to meet and make friends with many fellow students.  She s still very much up for doing her chosen course, with a view to studying the next stage in London *gulp*.

I've had a few good days and down days, not really sure what's going on but am guessing that the financial stresses are taking their toll (not surprisingly!)  I really want to get back into the healthy eating and running routine again as that definitely helped with energy and vitality levels, just wish I knew how much money we had for the food budget as at the moment we are living day to day.

We are just off now to blow the cobwebs away with a walk down the seafront and a beach exploration session, that may be the mood lifting fix for today :)


  1. Nice to have a catch up post - Missed you <3 Joseph must have turned a few heads :-) Glad Chelsea enjoyed her introduction day. ((hugs)) for the down days and I hope everything gets sorted really soon! I love your pictures but particularly love the canvas, that really is my kind of thing :-))

  2. For sure Joseph is destined for great things!!

    San x

  3. Will be keeping you and hubby in my prayers Julia, hope you have good news on the job front. Love your pink boy, fantastic :) Hope you had a good walk xxx

  4. Oh and I love your art Julia, beautiful! :) xx