Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seeking a whole new chapter...

Some of you that are regular readers will know that for some time now I have been talking about moving house and living my dream.  That dream of living in a property with a bit of land so we can live 'the good life' and the children can have the outdoorsy freedom that they crave.

This has been on my mind for a long long time.  It has been something that has always seemed a stretch too far, unachievable, a far distant delusion of my own making that would forever remain out of reach.

It's time to change that.

Due to the car being out of action right now, we had a walk to our nearest big supermarket.  The walk takes around an hour each way so we had plenty of time to chatter.  We talked about the beautiful views, about our legs not feeling as tired as we had thought they would, and how much we were actually enjoying the 'chore'.  We discussed how we felt about our current lifestyle, how much we adored seeing the children spending time in the garden instead of being glued watching a TV or computer screen, and chatted about what changes we could make - financially and within our lifestyle.

What started off as a general natter stating that we could :-

  • bake more, including bread,
  • walk more instead of always being reliant on the car,
  • reduce our TV and phone package,
  • grow our own veg (again) and make more use of wild food sources, 
  • simplify our life and our home -  less material possessions, more memory-making adventures.
This led to what BIG changes we wanted to make.  Now, I'm talking big MAHOOSIVE changes here, not just a change of living room wallpaper or the tea we drink.  Our choice to become vegetarian seems so small in comparison to this. 

Working through it all, it seems everyone is on the same page.  We all share the same thoughts.  We are all in search of the same dream.

We want a change of home.  We want a change of lifestyle.  

We offer gratitude for :-
  • a house/bungalow/cottage/liveable shack (!)
  • land for animals - chickens, goats, maybe a pony (oh please yes, yes a pony!) - and to grown our own food.
To achieve this we will :-
  • Create a vision board as a constant reminder to ourselves.
  • Raise finances, we will sell many things and minimize our belongings.  
  • Take with us the absolute minimum.  We will start afresh with furniture, upcycling from charity shops, auctions, and car boot sales where possible.  The children see this a one big adventure (as long as we can take the X-Box mama....)
We have no preferences on where this dream will take us nationwide.  We are open to whatever opportunity  comes this way but are aware we are dreaming big - and we love that.  For once we are going to make it happen, and I'm going to drag all of you Classroom Free readers along for the ride.

I have put the word out to friends, in real and online, and they are all going to work hard to assist us with our emerging chimera.  I was up until the early hours finding networking opportunities online and posting wanted ads in various locations throughout the country.  I just know that there is someone out there who is willing and able to see our potential and offer us the opportunity of fulfilment and happiness.  In return we will show our gratitude by being faithful tenants, honest and trustworthy, with a need to treat our rented space as if it were our own.  

I'm not going into this with rose-tinted spectacles, thinking it is all about lovingly reared friendly animals and home-grown harvests in abundance, all created by a mere smidgen of sprinkled fairy dust.  I know it is going to be bloomin' hard work, with numerous sweaty armpits, back-breaking chores and no doubt tears.  I've worked in the outdoors and know it's not all hunky dory fun and dancing in the sunshine.  I've been up before 5am and mucked out stables in the wind and the rain, fed and watered horses, swept huge yards, and managed muck heaps.  I've been kept busy for hours nursing a colic hit pony, only finding time to snack at midnight before heading on down to the yard for half hourly checks.  I've been out many a time in the torrential rain and gales, or severe snow, fixing fences or rounding up horses that have escaped due to stable or fence collapse.  Been there, done it, and although it was tough, I wouldn't change the experience.  

This blog is littered with photos, many of which are taken outdoors.  My children love being outside.  They love exploring.  They love building dens, hunting down bugs from beneath rocks, watching ants, looking for butterflies, searching for fox holes or badger sets, developing role-playing games, learning about survival techniques, sleeping in tents, and everything else that having a love of nature and spending time in the fresh air can provide.  We spend a lot of time walking in fields and exploring woods and moorland.  We want more.  We don't want to have to keep trundling off into the car to have an adventure.  We want to bring the adventure to our door.

Can I please take advantage of this platform and use this blog as another advertising medium.  I'm cheekily asking my wonderful and supportive readers to spread the word far and wide, and help us find that nugget of opportunity that will bring so much joy to our lives.  

Thank you.

In other news, I should just let you know that Callum is going to be in the Olympics.  He told me so today.  He is going to do a bit of everything and believes that he will win a few Gold medals and a couple of Silvers and Bronze.  He won't be doing sailing or diving, but will happily do everything else.  He may even do team rowing with Tiegan, or with Mo Farah - he just needs to persuade Mo to quit running and start rowing.  Callum thinks that cycling will be his best sport.

Callum also said "I will do the horse thing too, and make the horses jump.  That will be pretty easy actually.  I don't know how you make them jump though, I think you have to tell their boss to tell them."

So you have been warned, watch out for Callum, clearly the Olympic success of the future.

Definitely inspired.

I'm going to leave you with a gorgeous photo of our Robin friend.  Lee (husband) took this picture on a recent walk to Stover (yes, the evening that our car gave up living).

I love it.  Isn't nature just wonderful *heart*

Tomorrow we are Olympic watching, dog walking, baking, and ebay listing! :))


  1. Admiration, love, prayers, and SPARKLES to you!! xxx

  2. I really hope your wonderful dreams come true, sending lots and lots of positive vibes :) x

  3. That is so exciting. We too long for a farm like atmostphere to live on, but economically not feasible at the moment. We are lucky that we do have one acre and are able to garden and have chickens, but so long for a cow and some goats. Hope your dream comes to fruition.