Saturday, September 15, 2012

A teeny bit of excitement brewing....

I don't want to go into details, but there is a teeny (whopping) bit (lot) of excitement brewing here in the Pollard household.

It is very early days of communication, but we MAY have found the perfect opportunity for us as a family to live our dream.  What's even better is that we may well assist another family to fulfil their dream lifestyle too - win win!

Obviously I shall reveal more when the time is right and things have been agreed upon.  It may well all come to nothing, but I'm secretly (or not so secretly now I've blogged it...) hopeful that this is the one.

I will say that the property is based in Carmarthenshire in Wales.  I don't know exact specifics of location, but if you are around and about the area I'd love to hear from you to find out more about the home-ed scene there.

Apart from that news, today has been a bit flat.  I've struggled with a banging headache for much of the day and haven't really felt enthused to do very much.  Bad bad bad as I have lots I need to be doing!  I ended up snoozing this afternoon to try to shake it off but didn't succeed in doing so.  Fortunately the weather was decent enough to play nicely and the children have spent more than a few hours outside.  Callum has been training for his Olympic debut (oh yes, he is very serious about his Olympic dreams - he just isn't sure of what sport he will be specialising in as yet so at the moment is training for all sorts).  Tiegan entertained Taisia rather wonderfully for me until Taz decided to snuggle up on the sofa for a snooze too.  The teens have just been doing what my teens often do.  In the case of Joseph this is guitar playing, computer time, and news report watching and discussion.  For Chelsea, it's been nail painting, skin care experimentation, college book reading, computer time, lying in bed novel reading, and general chattering.

We went out first thing and bought a lovely storage box for my gear in the lounge.  It is a painted chest type and we bought it from Dunelm. I looked for a link online to share with you but couldn't find it on their website.  It's beautiful though and I love it.   I'm going to use it to store the books and papers that I use when creating my files - much better than just have piles of stuff plonked on the desk looking messy (husband will be pleased!)  I'll try to remember to take a snap shot when I next get the camera out.

Tomorrow we may try to venture out somewhere - I quite fancy a blackberry picking session....

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