Wednesday, September 26, 2012

As one door closes, another....

Well, we have well and truly come back down to reality with a big bump.

On Monday we travelled to Wales to visit what we really hoped and actually thought would be our dream cottage, with the use of land we yearn for.   It was a terribly wet and soggy day, heavy rain and strong gusts of wind battered our car as we embarked upon the near 4 hour journey, but we were in high spirits with the thought that our dream was one step closer to becoming reality - nothing was going to dampen our mood.

The rain did start to ease the longer we were on the road.  I started getting a 'time of the month' migraine, but was still very much excited.  We found the property without issue thanks to the wonderful owners directions, and were in total awe of the breathtaking views.

Sadly though, it 'twas not for us.  I now have mixed emotions, everything from disappointment through to feeling we've wasted a lot of a lovely lady's time.  Of course financially we have lost too - we had to pay for disclosure checks to be done, and the cost of fuel for the journey was high, but at least we know that what seemed like such an ideal just wasn't the right ideal for our family.

So after a reality check and a two day crippling migraine that allowed me to closely inspect the inside of my toilet on more than one occasion, we are back to the searching journey - and that's ok.  I know that the right thing will turn up for us one day, when everything is in place.  Until that day I shall continue making contacts, researching and learning, and ... hang on a cotton picking minute....just had an email about a 'possible' house that may be available to rent.  It's all ifs and maybe's at the moment so I shall say no more about it, but really it does show that as one door closes another may come beckoning.  Never give up on the dream!

Whilst I've been waiting, I've been doing a lot of reading and learning.  I borrowed a book from the library called Practical Self Sufficiency (Cover price £20) which is really interesting and inspiring.  Definitely one to add to the bookshelf at some point I think.  (By the way, if you do decide to buy it from Amazon, I'd really be grateful if you could use the link or have a looksie through my Amazon Affiliates Store as then I'd get a little percentage  from the price at no extra cost to you).

Hmm, what else has been going on.  Erm, I went along to the Not Back to School picnic in Cardiff with my gang, combining the house visit and the picnic in one swoop.  Bit of a failure on our behalf as we were very late and many had left already but hey ho, it's the thought that counts hey?  It was nice to meet the few people that we did.  They were a nice bunch!


  1. We, myself and hubby and 2 children recently viewed a property that I had been longing to have a look around it disappeared for a while only to return on the market and guess what, even cheaper, we quickly booked a viewing, oh my god, steptoes yard! all of my dreams came crashing down, I knew it needed work - it gave me a reality check, if this is all we could afford, then I felt my dreams had just upped and run off! giving me the insane notion of moving back to ciy life instead of my country dream. It was just a gut reaction I know but on reflection I know we will find somewhere just right as you will too and to keep positive what will be will be.

  2. Finding the right place is very hard. We spend the whole of last winter going back and forth to Wales from Ireland, making and breaking emotional connections to places, researching, planning and dreaming, only to have to repeat it all over and over. The positive side was that we developed a very clear idea of what it was we wanted, and that changed as we went on.
    John Seymour wrote a number of great books, and I'd highly recommend 'The Fat of the Land', which is an account of the first years of his family's self sufficient life.
    Someone said to us 'You don't find land, it finds you', so keep on hunting and the right place will come along I'm sure.

  3. Hang in there! The search for your family dream is an important one and one has to go through the searching, ups and downs, to truly love and appreciate the dream when it is found. It will happen for you. Good Luck!