Friday, October 12, 2012

A short farewell....

Well, it's that time to switch off the computer and await the internet disconnection.

Will be back online (all being well!) on 30th October where I will no doubt have wayyyyy too many photographs to share with you all, and lots of news of the highs and lows of our new country-style living.

I'm very happy to report that we will not be taking our Chrysalis buddies with us - all 5 emerged as beautiful butterflies who have been released and flown off to pastures new.  It felt so good to see them soar so high and free, a real new beginning for them and a feeling I feel an empathy with right now.

I hope everyone keeps healthy and happy and I look forward to catching up with everyone on our return :)

Love, hugs and blessings

Jules xxx

PS.  Don't fret - the Classroom Free paid up members only giveaway draw will still take place as planned on 22nd October at 8pm.  I will try to get the word out to the winner somehow so watch the Classroom Free facebook page for more details.


  1. good luck with the move, hope all goes well and am itching to hear all about your new adventures in the country - will be so much fun

  2. Obviously you wont get this until your internet is back up and running but good luck with the move. Hoping it goes well.

  3. I have just found your blog. As I am currently seriously considering home educating my two youngest children (both pre-school age at the moment) I have found this blog an inspiring read!