Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dreams Really Can Come True!

I'm not going to go into too much detail right now (although my heart is aching oh so much to do so!), but I will say that I believe our search for our dream is at it's end.  We met with an amazing family on Saturday and they have offered us a truly awesome opportunity - so awesome in fact, that I'm afraid tears of joy, relief, and almost disbelief were shed.  Details are still being finalised, and I promise that I will be shouting about it from the rooftops once completed, but for now I'm playing the hush hush card (whilst my stomach butterflies are fluttering and twirling as I type - yes, I am that excited).

On Sunday we were still walking on cloud 9 and we knew a day indoors just would not do.  Instead we decided to get some use out of our newly bought Zoo annual ticket and head on out to Living Coasts in Torquay.  Needless to say we had a great time, and Taisia just adored being up close and personal with the Penguins...

We enjoyed watching the other birdies too...

and visiting the new (to us) fishy creature section...

"Oooooh, it's scary!" exclaimed little Taisia
The Otters had us all playing a game of peek-a-boo. One of them was well and truly hidden in it's den, we could only just about catch a glimmer of a sneaky peek if we studied the entrance hard enough.  This cheeky chappy on the other hand, had all the photographers dashing this way and that as it rushed around the enclosure having a seemingly fun time!

One of my favourites was this gorgeous fella. He (or she) was well and truly after my own heart, just chillaxing and not letting anything disturb the snoozing fest...

We ended visit after spending ages and ages watching the penguins and seals swim underwater, the viewing tanks made it very easy to watch and spend far too much time there!

They were so full of fun and definitely appeared to be playing to the audience. The more people paying attention to them, the more they dipped and spun and dived beneath the water.  Quiet viewing area = much more on the surface time.

We headed into Torquay for a stroll after our visit.  Taisia found a large feather...

Then she took a tumble and bumped her head.  Pain describing sobs followed and for a time Taisia was utterly inconsolable. She now has a rather sad looking bump, but fortunately showed no other ill effects.  

Sunday was also the day of the 2nd members only draw for Classroom Free members.   The giveaway this time around was a set of Usborne cards and the winner was membership number 0006.  I do love offering the giveaways as it's my chance to say thank you to those that support the website (and me!!).  The next members draw is going to be held on Monday 22nd October at 8pm.  Good luck guys!

Monday was spent having a major decluttering and tidying session.   Tiegan and I went through the girls drawers and wardrobe and got rid of a whole load of clothes that were too small.  We are such hoarders.  Actually, I'm not sure if we are hoarders or just lazy - I'm thinking a mix of the two.  After sorting out the girls clothes I thought it wise to start on the boys.  Oh dear, ever get that really horrid feeling that you shouldn't have started a chore!  Before I could get to the wardrobe, I needed to find a path through the, erm, erm, belongings on the floor.  Clothes, toys, cutlery, plates, cups, the list goes on and on.  BUT, we cleaned with a good heart and a happy face, often having quite a little giggle whilst doing so.  The clothes were once again sorted, and both lots were taken over to the charity 'bin' for clothing - fortunately it is within walking distance, just across the road. 

Today I have had a busy day doing all sorts of de-cluttering, sorting out our December activities plan (soon to be uploaded to the members section when completed), and generally being a busy busy bee.  I had a lovely chat with my parents in Spain too which was nice, and we had the grocery shop delivered.  The children have played on the trampoline, used the X-Box, read books, and written down future ideas and plans.  The rain has poured down for the majority of the day, it has been a real soggy wet one, a day when I am thankful that we don't need to be aware specific.   Unfortunately the weather still proved to be a hindrance as I couldn't put things outside so I could reach others or rearrange the room with ease.  There were piles of books we no longer use, at least 6 bags of them.  We are dropping them off at the book bank tomorrow.  I can't begin to tell you how many bags were filled with rubbish.  Even sorting out the recyclable stuff separately, we still ended up having lots and lots. 

**Note to self;  Let this be a new beginning.  New chapter, no clutter.**

I will live by the rule of only buying things that I definitely need or 'make me smile' broadly.  I think everyone needs to have smile inducing things around the place, it really lifts my day if my mood is smiling :)

I'll leave you with a little teaser of what is definitely making me smile - almost constantly...


  1. Wow, cannot wait to hear the full details, so very happy that your family dream is about to come true, the excitement that you showed at the beginning of the post is getting me giddy too, hope everything is going smoothly as I cannot wait to follow your antics and I feel sure it will keep me inspired to follow the dream aswell.

  2. so so thrilled for you - and really looking forward to following your adventures. wouldn't normally do this, but I'm having a giveaway on my blog for an ebook - 30 Days to simple living - it really sounds like it would be perfect for you right now, so I thought I would mention it in case you were interested in entering.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  3. OOh, looks promising - I hope you've found a place that helps you bring your dreams to life. Can't wait to see.