Sunday, December 16, 2012

And so the festivities begin...

We are well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit here in Devon.  Decorations are dripping from the lounge ceiling, mince pies are being baked almost daily, the real tree is in situ and decorated, presents are wrapped and taking pride of place under the tree, and Freckles the fairy has been making her presence known - each morning she has been found in a different place; in the box of rabbit food, unwrapping a present, on the ceiling beam, in a teapot....the list goes on and on.

Normally we have a large fake tree that my parents gave us when they moved out to Spain.  We decorate it dutifully and it always looks nice, but this year we decided to attempt to keep a real tree alive.  We went out on Thursday evening once Lee was home from work and picked up a gorgeous Norway Spruce...

I do love it so.  

I have been busy knitting stockings for those children that wanted one.  This is Tiegan's, almost completed.  I just want to embroider a picture design on the heel...

It was my first attempt at doing stripes and I am now hooked.  It's not perfect but there were some errors in the pattern (taken from a magazine bought at Christmas last year) so I had to wing it a little - not good when I've never knitted anything remotely sock shape before.  Still, Tiegan likes it lots and that's all that matters. 

I am in the middle of doing one for Joe, this time from a different pattern so it will be interesting to see how this turns out...

Each of the children chose their own yarn colours.  I think they have chosen well.  Taisia is happy with a shop bought Reindeer stocking that has been in the family for a fair few years, whilst Callum has taken a liking to a snowflake design one that was bought a couple of years ago.  I am hand sewing (no sewing machine since mine has gone totally kaput) Chelsea one using fleece, then needlefelting a design on to it.  No idea what that will turn out like.  

We have finally gotten around to making tissue paper stars...

I love those too - will definitely be making more in assorted colours for the windows.

And baking, lots and lots of baking. 

Finally, a use for my cake stand!!!

In between all of this lubberly jubberly stuff, we have been enjoying peaceful cosy moments by the fireside...

Have I said how much I love my life yet?

It was a really beautiful day here today, with blue skies and bursts of fresh sunshine.  We all decided that a family walk was long overdue, so we decked ourselves out with hats and welly-bobs and headed for the lanes with the dog.  Who could fail to be blown away by views such as these...

I don't think I will ever tire of seeing such a landscape.

It is always great when all of the children decide to come along with us for a stroll.  I count every moment spent with all my children as precious of course, but knowing that the teens will be heading off for their own adventures in the not so distant future, kind of makes time spent with them all the more special.

Of course the dog just loves being out and about, anywhere will do!

We walked up hill...

and then a certain little lady got tired and asked "Can I carry you? Pwease..." I was happy to get a snuggly cuddle...

Oh how much do I love those snuggles!  The Kari-Me sling has been truly worth it's weight in gold.

Tiegan and Callum thoroughly enjoyed running for the puddles!

Neither of them never appear to tire of such a simple game provided by mother nature (and yes, Callum does have his welly-bobs on the wrong feet!)

It brings such joy...

Walking home, dusk settling in, light fading.

Another couple of hours of childhood memories created.


  1. Looks absolutely lovely!!! I hope when we move to a rural location next year that I get to create lots of similar memories with my little ones.

  2. Pssst Wales Hun, not Devon ;-)

    I am so pleased you are enjoying rural life. Keep crumpets on hand for snowed in, power cut evenings, nought like fire toasted crumpets dripping butter.

    Really are fueling my itchy feet. :-)
    Have an utterly sublime festive period full of joy, laughter and love. Blessings Hun

  3. Cough ignore me, lmao I thought you had moved to Wales!!!! Oops

  4. Sigh how wonderful