Sunday, December 02, 2012

Just wow...

Yesterday seemed like a busy day although our accomplishments actually seem rather thin on the ground - or at least I am struggling to remember quite what we got up to.  I remember that we baked.  I remember the smell of festive mince-pies baking in the oven whilst listening to a Christmas CD and attempting to do something that couldn't be described as singing along to it.

I also remember tasting delicious home-made jam tarts and the most lusciously lovely coconut biscuits.

I remember the laughter that roared around the house when we finally discovered the reason why Joseph's sheet never remains on his bed through the night.  It was not because Joe was a fidget widget that wriggles and writhes around in his sleep like some sort of disco-dancing squirrel monkey doing a John Travolta impression as I had thought.  It was instead because, despite of his almost 15 years on this planet, he thought that you pulled back the fitted sheet and slept beneath it.  Doh!  Not surprisingly, on his first attempt to sleep on top of the fitted sheet like everyone else, the sheet remained in place without bother.  Why oh why did I not question it before?  Ho hum.

It was also the day when Freckles the Fairy made her return.  Last Christmas, Santa sent Freckles to live with us throughout December.  The reason?  Because she can be a little bit of a pesky moo when hanging around the toy workshop with too much time on her hands.  We have had a few Freckles related conversations recently and it had been wondered if she would want to return to us again this year.  It seems she did.  Tiegan found her hidden in the corner shelf of her room with a little tiny handwritten note asking to stay again and promising to be good.  Hmmm, I don't know whether Freckles knows the meaning of a promise!

In other news we had a quick trip into Tiverton when Lee returned from work and picked up the start of the Christmas gifts and a grocery shop.  Home for a quickie dinner of vegetable omelettes before snuggling up in front of our cosy fire...

Just before 10.30pm I decided that instead of just letting the dog out the door for 'toilet duty' as per the usual, I would take a stroll up the lane and back.  Tiegan and Joseph both chose to come with me.  We all wrapped up warm having seen the frost covering on the floor and car; hats, scarves, the lot, and set off.  It turned out that the appearance of frost was misleading and actually as we walked it felt warm, so warm and welcoming in fact, that we continued on, and on.

The evening was just truly magical.

Imagine there being no artificial lighting of any sort.  No street lamps, no car lights.

Imagine silence.  Complete stillness.

No constant humming of engines, no beeping of horns, no sirens, just nothing.


We chatted merrily as we walked.  We pointed out the outlines of distant hilltops, the silhouetted shapes of animals, and listened for night time bird sounds.  We stopped regularly to gaze up to the sky and admire it's awesomeness.  The moon was large and bright, lighting our path as we strolled joyously along the maze of lanes, exploring new territory and enjoying the experience of moonlit darkness.  In spite of the isolation, in spite of the lack of light, in spite of the mind blowing silence, we felt completely safe and at ease.  Our quick stroll up the lane turned into an hour trek and covered around five miles.  I loved it.  It felt special somehow, as if we were being invited to witness some sort of secret world away from the norm.  The air felt warm and clean, the sky resembled fairy lights at Christmas time, and the company was inquisitive and enthusiastic. Just wow.

Needless to say the dog adored her late night trek too.  We reached home at around 11.30pm and set about making Hot-Chocolate drinks and sharing tales of our adventure with the others that chose to stay home.

Today has been a bit different.

Firstly we discovered that Freckles the Fairy had been up to her old tricks and had done a disappearing act in the night.  The younger children searched and searched (giggling as they went).  Eventually she was discovered hiding behind the shade of one of the lounge wall lights.  Naughty Freckles!

We were then really happy to be able to welcome our very first visitors into our new home and were equally delighted that they happened to be one of our very favourite families.  How joyous it was to share our new life with them; giving them a tour of our home, showing them the land, and communicating our future plans.  Chelsea had very kindly baked two cakes before the arrival of our guests, both were deemed as superbly edible and were enjoyed alongside the doughnuts and caramel fudge cake that our friends so kindly brought along to share.  Tea was drank in abundance, natterings echoed around from room to room, children disappeared to play, and we basically had one of the nicest and most fabulous days since being here.  Thank you lovely family!

This evening we have once again had a lovely cosy fire to sit beside, although Kira didn't want to share it seems...

It has been a blissfully wonderful day!


  1. Some of my best moments are listening to the crackling of the fire! xx

  2. wonderful !! glad to here you so happy xxx

  3. this post gives me hope. Recently I just could not work out where all the pillowcases were disapearing to... it transpired that my eldest - he's nearly 16 - has just been putting his clean pillowcase on his pillow ON TOP of the old one each week instead of taking the old one off first for washing... he had four or five on each pillow!