Sunday, January 27, 2013

A work in progress...

The more eagle-eyed readers amongst you will have noticed that this 'ere blog has had a bit of an overhaul.  This is due to the fact that I have spent much of my week updating and completely re-designing the Classroom Free website.  I wanted a much cleaner and simpler look, less-cluttered and all over the place.  I think I've achieved that and I'm really chuffed with the result so far.  Please do take a moment to dash over there and have a looksie, but not until after you've read this posting!

As well as the 3am-4am website building stints I've been doing all week, we have enjoyed staying at home and keeping out of the rain!  Oh the weather here in Devon has been pretty darn yucky truth be told, lots of rain and sleet falling from the skies and definitely on the chilly side!

Our car-tax refund finally arrived and for that we are very grateful.  It meant that we were able to actually brave the coldness and go to the nearest town to run some errands.  Rather embarrassingly we had some library books that were wayyyyyy overdue.  I mean, really really long overdue.  If I say that it cost me £18 in fines....that gives you an idea of what I mean.  Totally my fault for not taking them back before we moved house.  Of course I wasn't aware that there would be a broken and unusable car, flooding issues, then snow, then a car tax finance issue - all resulting in my lack of transport.  It was our first visit to 'our' new library and I was rather impressed, a nice size and the librarian than helped me was lovely and very understanding.  I remember only too well on one occasion when I returned an overdue book years ago.  I got a real ear-bashing from the librarian about commitments and it not being fair on other users, so I was relieved when this lady was far more understanding.

We treated ourselves to hot-chocolate drinks and tea-cakes in a small cafe to warm up.  We have found a little independent one that is run by a lovely couple of girls and it is a lot cheaper than the chains.  I also treated myself to a new Slow Cooker in the sales.  Our old one was broken a while ago and boy have I missed the ease and lazy cooking it allows.

Then there was a little panicky moment.  Actually there was a whacking great big huge panicky moment.

I lost my bank card.

Oh my goodness.  I have never ever mislaid my purse or bank card before whilst out of the house.  I admit to a different story inside the house - Taisia is always playing with my purse and it's contents and I'm often found to be wandering aimlessly around checking for cash hidden in cushion covers or cards in toy boxes.  But knowing that my bank card was lost out on the street somewhere?  *Gulp*  To cut a long story short, we checked the library, asked at the bank, retraced our steps, and finally found it back in the cafe where it had fallen out of my pocket.  A wave of ecstatic relief gushed over me.

Friday evening it was full-on flood alert time.  We moved our car to higher ground, put defences at the doors and sat and waited for the stream to rise.  It did and this was the result...

Yep, that is our drive (again!)

No complaining though.  The animals were all safe, warm and dry, and the water level didn't rise high enough to enter the house so not much clearing up needed to be done.  By the time the morning was with us, the water level had dropped and Lee was able to get to work with no issues.

Today I have been busy working on the website overhaul, whilst the children have been baking, building villages and robots with the wooden bricks and lego,  We also did the RSPB Bird Watch for an hour which was really enjoyed.  We saw a wren, lots of blue tits and great tits, a Jay, a Nuthatch, two Robins, Sparrows, a blackbird and this little fella that came for a good look at what we were doing...

For a bit of fun we printed off the certificate of participation after uploading our results to the website.

Now, do please have a quicksie check over at Classroom Free if you feel that way inclined.  One new feature is The Inspiration Weekly.  This will be updated every Sunday evening in order to hopefully give you guys a good start to the week. 


  1. Lovin' the new stream lined look blog. x

  2. love the new look - it's fab!

    If you were in Tiv - I feel like I know just what you mean - we had an overdue book or two at the library and when I realised, I was dreading a stroppy response (having been victim before as well) but she was really lovely and understanding. Don't intend to let it happen again though!
    Which cafe did you go to ? I love the Flying Pickle - everything they do is lovely, but their chai latte is to die for. Let us know when you are next planning a visit and we'll have to meet up xx

  3. Lovely to catch up and as always I have bird envy x

  4. Glad the flood didn't enter the house, that would have been a nightmare! just wondering Julia, (it might be different per region) but I use my childrens library cards as they do not incur charges, like I say not sure if it is the same everywhere but my new library suggested that to me as I was always late with books.

  5. Hi Julia, your blog is really lovely and so inspiring. I look forward to reading lots more
    Gina x x

  6. I did the a whole hour I only saw one big fat pigeon!