Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh never mind...

Last night I wrote out a list of things that I wanted to achieve today.  The list included general household chores and a few things I want to get started on for our home-education.  I had also envisaged tonight's posting as a 'Day in the life..." style write-up, complete with numerous photographs of all the goings on.

That didn't happen.  I didn't manage to get around to taking a single one

But today was still a good day and lots got crossed off that list.  Very satisfying.

It has been pouring with rain for much of the day which gave me the perfect excuse to have a day off 'working on the land' and work on the home instead.  I managed to completely clean up the kitchen and dining room area, including washing the windows inside and out.  We now have a lovely window sill that will make the perfect place for our seasons 'table' area.

I cleaned the bathroom, swept the stairs and landing area, and mopped the floor.

The lounge was given a complete tidy-up overhaul and is now back to looking a decent size again.  I hung up a few picture frames and made a nice display on the chimney breast that makes me smile every time I give it a glance.

Whilst all this was going on, the children were all over the house doing various activities.  As far as I'm aware they have played lots of role playing games (I just love watching my gorgeous 15 year old boy playing games with his 11, 7, and 2 year old siblings.  He is always happy to make them laugh with his jokes and silly antics), built lego figures, played various card games, danced and sung along to songs, read books, played board games, used the computer, caught up with the national and international news, played the guitar and keyboard, cleaned out the rats cage, and sat with the budgies.  They also made a vegetable soup together, each chopping up the vegetable - apart from the Swede, that task was given to me.

After dinner we made mince pies (oh yes, still going!), honeycomb (yum!), and a delicious fruitcake.  We printed out some photographs ready to make a start on our 2013 Nature Journal.  That is one of the things on tomorrow's to-do list.   I also made up a meal plan and ordered a grocery shop to be delivered on Saturday as it doesn't look as if we will be able to use the car due to still awaiting the car tax refund, and I want to be prepared with enough food stuffs in just in case the weatherman is correct with his prediction of snow.

I wonder if tomorrow will go to plan.

Before I go, I will just mention two quickie reminders that may interest some of you.

Firstly, it is not too late to register for the Potato Council's 'Grow Your Own' 2013 project.  This is open to home-educators and free.   More information can be found here:

Secondly, the RSPB are holding their Big Garden Birdwatch on January 26th and 27th.  You can find out more details of that and what you need to do to get involved here:


  1. Typical day in home education! You sound much more productive than me. I love the links - will try them out. Will be back soon for more updates ;-)

  2. looks v productive day :) we love the birdwatch, and def feeding the birds aat the moment as oh so cold!