Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow much going on...

Well it's been the longest blog break I've had for a while so prepare for a mammoth posting. If I may make a suggestion, I would recommend that you go and make yourself a cuppa, grab a couple of biscuits, and relax a while.

Like much of the population of this country we have had the joy (or hassle, depending on your viewpoint), of snow befalling upon us.  For us personally it was welcome.  We had been privy to the neighbours and other locals warning us about being snowed in for 3 weeks and tales of the great drifts we are likely to view here. Indeed one of our neighbouring families has shown us a photograph where snow can be seen at adult male shoulder height.


Probably fortunately for us we haven't had quite that much this time around.  We have had enough for decent snowball fights and snowmen building, and certainly enough for Taisia to really find out what the white stuff is all about.  On Friday our day was spent like this...

Lee had to stay at home instead of heading into work due to the road conditions.  He had attempted to leave for work at 5am but the van skidded off the road and ended up nudged into a snow protected hedgerow.

You know, I don't think that the feeling of warmth from a real fire whilst you gaze out at the wintery white surroundings can be beat.

On Saturday the white stuff was still in abundance.  Lee (husband) and I decided that we would take the dog out for a long walk.  The more sensible family members (i.e the children), chose to stay at home, warm and snug, and watch a Batman movie.

But, what a wonderful walk we had!  And, as much as I adore my children, it was rather pleasant having a bit of time to ourselves.  I'm expecting the children will say the same!  The views were just beautiful.  Blankets of snow could be seen as far as the eye could see.

I thought it just looked like someone had waved a paintbrush and coloured it all in.  It was pure unadulterated untouched beauty.

Kira had a fabulous time, although she did think it was a little bit cold...

The picture above is one of my all time favourites of Kira, my beautiful girl. She is looking at me, waiting for my next move, as Lee takes the shot.  The look of love and trust in her eyes makes me melt.  I am going to print it off and frame it, definitely a keeper.  She is definitely 'my' dog, no doubt about it.  My ever faithful hound...

The snow was quite deep in parts and there was lots of ice around so walking was quite precarious at times.  I was quite thankful that we weren't trying to help a 2 year old stay on her feet at the same time, I was finding it a fairly difficult task myself.

But, being able to walk around lanes such as these...

made it all worth it.

Much of our Sunday was spent at home. We cleaned out the rabbit hutch and the rabbit enjoyed scampering around the lounge as we did so.  He is currently inside during this cold snap as I'm a big softy and I didn't want him suffering in the cold.   A certain little lady decided that she wanted to try to the hutch out for size...

Whilst Misty looked on rather bewildered.

Shortly after this photo was taken we let Kira in the room to judge her reaction to fluffy bugsy.  She was so good, curious, but calm.  She sat on her blanket in front of the fire, tail wagging each time the rabbit ventured near.  At one point the bunny had us laughing as he kept 'attacking' the fluffy end of Kira's tail.  Kira wasn't particularly fazed by it, she just kept looking at me for reassurance that all was ok.

Today has been a rather busy but fruitful one for us - always a pleasurable thing to type.  Once we had checked, fed and watered the quails, the indoor animals, and had breakfast ourselves, we all got comfy in the lounge.  We started off with reading 3 chapters of 'War Horse', by Michael Morpurgo.  The children (hmm, can't really group them all as 'children' now considering Chelsea is 17...)  decided that they wanted to read the book before we watched the film as they didn't want it 'tainted' by seeing the story and characters portrayed through a screen.  After our reading time, we dispersed into doing our own thing.

For Joseph this meant making a start on researching his projects.  He had to reinstall the word processing software onto his computer and began writing about World War 2 and then Vlad the Impaler (gore, gore, blood and gore!).  Joe has recently started talking about possible plans for the future. Current thinking is leaning towards the possibility of a career in Journalism and he has been looking into the options available to him.

Chelsea went off into the kitchen and baked a delicious tasting Bread Pudding, then went through the bookshelves to see what topic took her fancy for study.  She would like to look into World War 1 but found our book supply on that subject was a little lacking in substance.  Instead she has decided to start looking at various topics including the life of Abraham Lincoln, Marie Antoinette, the French Revolution, Edgar Allan Poe, Japan, The Georgians, and Charles Darwin.  I think somebody will be kept very busy.

Tiegan read more of 'The Hobbit' - a book she received for Christmas, and then went on to look at a Science one...

I think she may have been feeling a little cold!  She has requested that we do a family project about the Human Body - in deeper depth than previously, and she would like to find out more about The Great Fire of London.

Callum was watching a couple of documentaries I had recorded for him, one about The life of an Octopus, and the other about Dinosaurs at a watering hole. He found both rather interesting and numerous questions were asked, throughout and afterwards.  Callum has requested a project about Oceans and in particular the living things found within them.

I have decided that Taisia is now ready to start doing a few hands-on learning things and I spent last night planning and typing up a few ideas.  I thought that she would enjoy creating a lapbook and figured that the topic 'Apples' opened up a wealth of ideas for a little one.  We made a start today.  I made an apple counting sheet, laminating and cutting out apple pictures and sorting sheets...

It always makes me smile when an older sibling enjoys partaking in a younger ones activity, just because they can...

I also created an apple threading activity...

I think she kinda liked it :)  I do love it when the children show joy when playing with things I've made.  Taisia is going through a phase where she is enjoying playing with the needlefelting things I've made for her...

I've also decided to do a 'letter of the week' theme idea for her.  She can already readily identify various shapes and many colours, so I think letter identification may be the next step for her.  Obviously it will be no pressure, relaxed, and fun to do.  I've started putting together a few printables in readiness, so far up to the letter H.  I will upload the files for use over the next few days.

I have started creating the base of the Apple lapbook, using file folders taped and stapled together.  The kids worked on a simple cover design, eyecatching for a little lady...

The lapbook will be worked on over the next week or so and I'll keep you updated with our progress.

Finally, I will leave you with the completed needlefelted wallhanging I recently created to represent the family.  Can you guess who is who?


  1. i always look forward to your updates and wonderful photos. Love the one of Tiegan in the hat, 2 of my daughters received similar ones from father Christmas and have only taken them off for baths!

  2. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Wonderful photos as always, and that needlefelted wallhanging is stunning!

  3. Beautiful pictures of your dog in the snow, she is adorable, and the wall hanging is amazing!
    I really enjoy reading your blog!

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  5. Great blog, brilliant pictures, love your updates!

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  8. No trouble identifying your family members in the needlefelt picture - and I've never even met you! What a beautiful thing to make for your family.

  9. No problem identifying your family in the needlefelt picture - and i've never even met you! What a beautiful thing to make for your family.

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