Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Life has it's ups and downs.

The weekend just gone was a tough one for us here in the Pollard household.  Events throughout presented us with a real vast array of emotions and at times it was all a little bewildering for the children.

Our Saturday morning started with the finding of the death of one of our pet rats first thing.  In all honesty it wasn't really a total shock.  Rupert had been showing signs of old age - slowing down, sleeping more, fur being a little bedraggled and not as smooth as it once once, a little weight loss - you know the sort of thing, but the loss of a much loved animal is never easy to deal with, particularly when it is a child's pet that they have loved and cooed over for many many hours.  There were sad faces all round at the news of his passing and I wasn't sure how I would manage to transform those frowns into happier smiles - but then we got a phone call.  The lady on the end of the phone told us that two baby goats were in need of a new mama and did we want to go and collect them?   We were saddened that they were unable to be with their birth mama or substitute, but jumped at the chance to be able to nurture two babies.  We went off to collect them (a journey that has it's own tale to tell, including turning up at the wrong farm although it had the same name and even had the same named lady working for them - huge coincidence.  We waited there for almost half an hour before realising we were in the wrong place).

The two kid goats were looking rather forlorn and bewildered by the time we got to the right farm, they were both snuggled up together wondering what on earth was going on.  They were just 4 days old having been born on February 26th.  We filled in the necessary transportation form and bought them home.

Those sad children's faces soon changed to pure adoration and smiles upon sighting the two little bundles, and just who can blame them...?

This is Rosie at 4 days old...

and this is Pixie at 4 days old...

Little Pixie has a slight twist in her ears which means they droop down most of the time.  This causes her to seemingly have greater expression than her sister Rosie, and often she looks grumpy, fearful, or darn right peeved - as in the picture above!  I can assure you though that she is every bit as joyful and delightful as Rosie and pings around all over the place with just as much zest and character.  She rather reminds me of the expression of Eeyore.  I will have to take a video of their antics whilst out at play as they are sure to bring a smile to your face.

They settled into our household pretty well on the first evening.  Taisia was totally taken by them and decided that as they had been so good that they deserved a story...

Our Saturday joy was shattered upon the afternoon discovery that our gorgeous CouCou Maran girlie had died, presumably at the hands of a fox.  Sadness once again presented itself to the household.  Even though the children are prepared for such losses as being part and parcel of countryside life and animal ownership, it doesn't make them any easier to bear.  The children found it more difficult due to the body being left and not taken as food, feeling it was a senseless killing in that respect.

Sunday morning and we were hit with another loss.  This time our beautiful budgie Belle was found clinging on to the last desperate moments of life.  Within minutes of our finding she had gone.   More sorrowful expressions and questions of why.

By day 6 of their little lives Rosie and Pixie were feeling right at home here and seemingly rather enjoying our company.  They were bottle feeding well approximately every four hours, and thankfully happy to sleep throughout the night without waking and needing a feed.

They have been upgraded to a much larger abode now, ie) a bigger dog cage.  They are still indoors as it is still a bit cold for them to be outside without the warmth and care of their mama.  Yes, I'm a massive softy.

It seems as if our country smallholding lifestyle is well and truly taking shape now.  We have a couple of older goats in kid due to arrive within the next couple of months all being well, and we can't wait to have them here to share our lives.  We have plans for a few more chickens, including the incubation of eggs so we can watch their development, and can't wait to start digging over the land to start growing our vegetables.

Life is good - most of the time.

PS.  Chelsea and I are going to do a 120ft abseil in a couple of weeks time in order to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.  If anybody would like to support us in this mission (oh gosh, 120ft!!!) we would be ever so grateful for any sponsors.  We have a Just Giving page so money can be paid directly to the charity to ensure that it is a genuine fundraising effort and not some sort of money making scam on our behalf.  If you want the link to the page please contact me.  Thank you guys xxx

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