Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life just seems so perfick...

Isn't it funny how just a little bit of sunshine seems to shake off all the duldrums and put smiles on everyone's faces.  Today was pretty incredible weather wise.  After days of dullness and on and off rain we were really in need of some pick me up weather and today didn't fail to provide.  From very first light the sun shone, what a way to be woken up amongst views such as this...

and witnessing visitors such as this...

and well the day couldn't fail to be awesome.

My day started with the usual animal routine.  Chickens let out, fed and watered, goats fed and watered and their pen skipped out, rabbit let out and checked, quails checked and provided for, dog let out and cat let in.

Then it was a general clean and tidy up with all family members doing their bit meaning all main chores were completed by 9am, a unique event in this household - see what I mean about the effect of the sunshine upon us all?!  I even managed to hang out the washing to dry, for the first time in 2013!  I had to take photographic evidence as who knows when it will happen again - rain has been forecast for tomorrow...

I apologise for the piles of bits and pieces scattered throughout the garden.  We are sorting everything out and putting it all in supposedly organised piles for either keeping and finding a home for or getting rid.  It's a work in progress!  The top of our back field is looking a lot tidier...

We are getting there!

Having completed the chores so early we were left with the rest the day to enjoy.  I managed to get four loads of laundry washed and dried, and jiggled the chicks over.  We have two girlies who are doing really well...

As you can see they are growing and developing their first feathers.  We have another two chicks, a girl and a boy who are struggling a little but still appear bright and alert. We are hopeful that they will catch up but time will tell.  I wanted to put the two larger ones in a bigger pen with a standard heat lamp and move the smaller two to the box with the Brinsea Brooder.  I had to locate the pen in our storage room and give it a thorough clean before adding its new residents, so that was a job for me to do.  It seemed less of a chore with the warmth of the sun on my back.

Once the chicks were in their new confinements, I left them to settle in with a peaceful home and went out to plant some seeds in the greenhouse.  I have wanted to get planting for a long time but the weather has just been awful.  We have had freezing temperatures at night right up until a few days ago.  I decided I couldn't put it off any longer or we could lose a whole seasons growth.  We haven't been able to dig over the area we have planned for our veggie plot yet due to the sheer amount of rain we have experienced throughout the winter, but I feel that I have at least made a start on our growing endeavours for 2013.

With the help of Tiegan, we planted a large-ish amount of seeds:

  • Radish (Scarlet Globe)
  • Carrot (Autumn King 2 & Early Nantes)
  • Tomatoes (Black Russian & Garden Pearl)
  • Lettuce
  • Kale (Dwarf Green Curled)
  • Beetroot 
  • Rocket
  • Peppers (Hot Cayenne & California Wonder)
  • Onion (Bedfordshire Champion)
  • Cabbage (Greyhound)
  • Courgette
  • Leek (Musselburgh)
  • Broccoli (Early Purple)

We made signs using old broken slate and chalk.  Tiegan made a plan on paper too so if the chalk gets washed or wiped off accidently we still have a plan to follow so we know what has been planted where.  All in all it felt a very productive use of time.

Whilst outside we did of course let the goats out to play with us...

They had an absolutely whale of a time - checking out all the areas and munching on the towels hanging on the washing line.

There were plenty of offers of cuddles and kisses...

And opportunity for new friends to be made...

(That's Misty, Tiegan's rabbit saying hello).

Both of the girls are bringing us so much joy.  Their antics are laughable and their personalities adorable.  They are very much loved and adored.

All too soon it seemed nightfall was upon us.  Time to do the evening animal round and check all is ok.  Goats are bedded down for the night, quails checked over and eggs collected, rabbit popped safely inside and the chickens?  Well, they don't go inside their coop until it is after dark so that gives us the opportunity for one walkabout later to ensure all is well and lock up the necessary housing.

Dinner was sorted by Chelsea whilst I was outside, and it was soon time for a Dr Who viewing session.  I managed to rustle up a batch of flapjacks and some chocolate chip and chopped nut muffins for us to enjoy beforehand.

I do so hope that we have plenty more days like this one, we've lived through floods, gallons of mud and icy roads for the past few months and today we got a real taste of what life is going to be like throughout Summer - IF we get a decent summer.  Pretty please!


  1. what a wonderful life you are creating there - it really does seem like something out of the Darling Buds and sounds utterly blissful. So glad for you all because I couldn't think of a lovelier family that deserves more happiness. Love how you share these moments for us all to enjoy. lots of love x

  2. Wow! What a wonderful day... and what a wonderful life you are giving your family. I have dreams of living a life like that. Can't wait to read some of your other posts.
    And those goats are adorable!

  3. Just what I needed to read this morning :) Such an amazing place you have there! Wonderful photo's, inspiring me as always

    Thankyou lady
    Em and Finn (who saw this also and now wants goats)

  4. The sun makes a massive difference to my mood too - we got the little kids down for their first trip to the beach at the weekend, and it was wonderful.

  5. will pop in here and keep up to date with you instead of fb xxx love your new place Julia it's lovely with all your manageree xxx

  6. Missed completely what happened due to not being online at all yesterday - travelling home, etc. Know you are love and missed! xxxxxx