Monday, June 03, 2013


Has it really been almost a month since my last posting?  Really?!?  Wowzer, I think someone must be pinching my days and hiding them in their pockets just to be mean.

I won't go into a massive catch-up posting because a)  I really don't have the time at this exact moment, and b) it won't be at all interesting to you dear readers as it's just mundane stuff on the whole.  I will instead just pick out a few things that have happened for my own records really.

Firstly we are really having to put our thinking caps on and come up with a way to gain another source of income (no matter how small).  From September our income will be taking a plunge downwards and we need to act NOW.  I'm going to be setting up a business (yes I know, again.  How many times have you heard this *sigh*), but this time it is out of necessity (major necessity) so no more 'playing'.  I've got a zillion ideas and am hugely excited at how things may pan out (WILL pan out, let's have some faith here!) both online and off.   It isn't home-ed related but instead will be a mixture of my crafts old and new as well as a few odds and sausages thrown in for good measure.  I've been spending lots of late evening/early hours time researching and setting things up.  I'm aiming for a launch date of July 1st all being well, so watch this space.

Secondly, we have had a few losses within our animal family during the past few weeks :(  We have had to take two of our home-hatched chicks to the vets to say a sad farewell (oh yes, I did cry, heaps), but it was absolutely 100% without a single doubt the right thing to do on both accounts.  We still have the two girlies, Molly and Mabel, from our hatching adventures so all is not lost.

They are both growing and developing very well and currently spend their days outside in a very large run, and their night times are spent inside away from the extra hungry and in need of food for their young at the moment predators.

Devastated to have to report that we have also lost Lulu our beautiful Cuckoo Maran (chicken for those not yet in the know).  Have absolutely no idea why as she was totally fine in the morning of her passing.  She was eating as normal, drinking as usual, and poops (sorry) were fine.  At around 4pm we found her resting in the nest box, checked on her half an hour later and found her breathing a little rapidly.  Brought her inside that evening for peace and quiet and so she couldn't be hurt by the other ladies, but she passed in the night despite our best efforts.   I have a horrid feeling that it was shock, possibly due to being traumatised by a couple of terriers we keep having to chase off our land recently, but have no proof.

One of our elderly pet rats has also passed over the bridge due to old age.  His was a quick and painless passing and we now have just the two remaining.

It's been a sad and tearful time for the Pollards.

On a more happier note, we have also had this little baby land on our doorstep...

Where s/he came from we really have no idea.  Tiegan was walking past the front door and heard a cheeping sound.  When the door was opened, there it was.  Just sitting there.  Other than being very quiet and still there were no signs of trauma.  It could possibly be a delivery by the cat, or perhaps a bird of prey had dropped it.  I really don't know.  We asked a neighbour who keeps ducks but it wasn't one of his so we popped it under the heat lamp and kept it fed and watered.  S/he is growing very well, eating and drinking independently with ease and appears to be a rather happy little thing.  Now we are sure that it is displaying no signs of illness, we will look out for a friend around the same age for s/he to grow up with.

My parents have been visiting us for the past week or so.  For those that don't already know, my parents live  in Spain so we don't get to see them very often.  We have spent some quality time with them, shopping, chatting, and sitting in cafes.  Pleasant.  We have also been visited by our landlord and landlady which is always a wonderful experience.  We genuinely feel that they are more like friends than landlords so it is a pleasure to spend time with them.  I'm very happy to report that we are able to remain residing here for the foreseeable future. Such a relief to know that the property owners are happy with what we have done here so far.  I really feel as if we are 'caretakers' of the home if you like and strive to look after it to the best of my ability (although with little people around it doesn't always look as if that plan works very well!)

In exciting news, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of goat kids courtesy of mama Poppy.  It could be any day now if timings are correct so we are on tenterhooks.  I will of course share any news as and when but I'm sure you can imagine the anticipation that is building here as the big day draws near.

I hope I don't cause any offence in putting this snippet and plea here, but I found out this morning that this humble blog has once again been nominated for the Circle of Moms Top 25 homeschooling moms blogs.

I'm about 2 weeks behind in the voting as the email notification was sent to me two weeks or thereabouts ago but I only picked it up today.  Currently Classroom Free stands at number 60 and we have a long way to go to reach the top 25.  We made it last year just about and it has been a great source of visitors here to the blog.  Many of the others in the running are living overseas, and of course, although wonderful bloggers and full of inspiration for all, it is nice to have a representation of UK home-educators too.  I pride myself on this blog being about an average family making things happen.  We aren't rich financially, we aren't of high educational background, and we aren't followers of any religion.  If we can find a way to home-educate our children and provide them with a happy childhood enriched by wonderful life experiences, anyone can.  I strongly believe that.

If you enjoy the Classroom Free postings and feel they can be an inspiration to others, please consider voting for us.  I would very much appreciate it.  Voting can be done once a day I believe, up until June 13th, just click on the button below and hopefully that will take you to the right place to see the complete list of entries.

If you prefer or are pushed for time, you could just click this link below and thus be taken directly to the Classroom Free profile page where there is a vote for me button...

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