Saturday, July 20, 2013


We live in a truly beautiful area, we really do.

We walk out of our door and into the countryside surrounding us, it's heavenly.  Kira our Springer can walk off the lead around the lanes as cars are very few and far between (if we encounter any cars at all), and the views are just breathtaking.

The peace is another thing you notice.

It's silent.

Blissfully silent.

The quietness overtakes your thoughts at times.

Occasionally you may here the distant hooting of an owl, or the wing flap of a bat as it skims overhead.  At times you can here the shuffling of an animal in the hedgerow, or the busy feet of a field mouse seeking out its supper.

What a contrast to our previous abode.

We set off on our stroll just after 8pm this evening.  We didn't really have a clear plan on where we were headed, instead choosing just to walk.  It was still hot, very hot.  No jumpers or jackets were necessary, just the minimum of clothing.  Taisia didn't want to cover up her 'tattoos' ...

We took water and bananas to eat en route and a pushchair for Taisia *just in case* - that little lady is far too heavy for me to carry any distance now.  Sadly we left Chelsea sleeping on the sofa as she hadn't been well.

Within minutes we stopped to admire the view...

Walking on a little, we paused to admire the surrounding beauty once more...

All along our journey we were surrounded by nature's marvels...

We stopped to chat with alpacas, cows and sheep, and to have hugs of course...

Banana break was welcome...

And of course, squished animals (in this case a frog) always provide a great deal of entertainment...

Oh well, it's science right??

Little lady took a tumble and needed a 5 minute cuddle...

but she was soon back on her feet and hop, skipping, and dancing down the lane once more.

As we were almost home and the light was fading, the colours surrounding us were just joyous...

By 11pm it was dark but the moon became our guiding light.







  1. What beautiful countryside! It is easy to see how it brings you so much peace and joy

  2. hello, just found your blog via someones.I'm going to add you to my list as I'm a great believer in education otherwise. I only did it for 6 months when we moved house twice and the children wanted to go back to school in the new area. I was no good at EO. But wish I had been, my lot are 33,31 and 25 now all happy people. They always knew they had the choice.