Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fur-baby trouble.

The past week or so has been a bit of an adventure, and not of the most pleasant of kinds.

Although I have been awoken by the most beautiful of sights...

I have been feeling rather down and frazzled.  I had a deep hard look at myself and realised I was trying to be all things to all people.  I am striving hard to be a great mama to my children and provide them with an awesome childhood with memories to cherish.  I am trying to be a supportive wife and a decent keeper of the home.  I am seeking to be a good animal mama, provide support to home-educators, keep the websites up to date, and craft.  Hmmm, a juggler of many balls and master of none.

Since feeling this way I have had a couple of good nights sleep.  Totally amazing the miracles that are formed when a night of good slumber occurs.  I have awoken with fresh eyes and a clearer, defining priorities and creating a way of dealing with all that needs dealing with, this includes asking for help and delegating to others - something that doesn't come easy to me but I need to put on my big girl pants and learn.

Of course, as always, something else is thrown into the mix to keep me in my toes.  This time it was Jasper, one of our beautiful not-so-young-any-more kittens.  He was found in the early hours one morning with an awful wound just below his belly area on his underside.  I checked him over (it was around 2am) and it had stopped bleeding, so I cleaned it up and left him to rest.  I knew it was severe enough to need stitching and spent a sleepless few hours due to the worry. As soon as the vet surgery opened, I called and made an appointment for first thing.

Upon reaching the surgery half an hour after the call was made, the vet examined the wound.  It appeared deep and in need of tidying.  Words such as barbed wire were banded around and I thought that that made sense.  Living in any farming area means that there is a lot of the horrid wire stuff around, so it wasn't inconceivable to think it may be the cause.  The initial plan of action was to anaesthetise, cut away the torn tissue, tidy it up and stitch.  However, once anaesthetised, a proper look could be had and the wound was far far worse than at first glance.  It was deep, more of a stabbing or impaled kind of wound.  It was nasty, very nasty.  Infection was quickly setting in and it needed deep cleansing as there was a great deal of fur and liquid inside.  The vet rang me once the operation was completed and he explained the severity of the injury.  They had put a 3 inch rubber tube inside of Jasper to help with the release of the wound fluid as it was still leaking, although to a lesser degree.

My poor fur-baby!

I could collect him at 4pm so he had an almost full day of vet care.  He was very relieved to be home again, purring as per usual, very fussy and eager to eat - although only tiny mouthful sized portions could be offered to lessen the risk of sickness.  He had two shaved front legs, a stitched wound and tube drain on his belly and a lampshade collar around his neck, he was also having to be a house-cat. He wasn't impressed!

4 days later we returned to the vets.  The wound area was still swollen so an injection to help with that was given, and the draining tube was removed.  Bless him.  Throughout all of this ordeal, not a single scratch or attempt to bite has been shown, Jasper has behaved impeccably despite his discomfort and our meddling.

Our next appointment is for Monday and I'm really hoping all the healing signs are good.  He is absolutely fine in himself, eating and toileting well, totally attention seeking and wanting fuss as per usual.  Animals sure know how to worry us don't they?  And vets sure know how to place more strain on the already stretched finances don't they?  *sigh*

So really our days have gone a little to pot somewhat.  Plenty of checks on the cat, cleaning the wounded area and attention being given to the little fella.  We are having to keep Jasper separate from his brother at the moment as I know Eddie would love to help with the cleaning.  They were forever grooming each other and rough playing and we can't take the risk of him touching the area.  Eddie has been gaining attention in other ways, including snuggling up to Amara and purring her to sleep.

(I would never leave the cat and baby together unattended before anyone chooses to point out the risks).

We have still managed to do a few things though, including lots of reading, a few maths sessions, music practice,

and many many puzzles!

We have posted our Postcrossing postcards off to far-away lands and looked into the countries they are heading for - Russia, Germany, and America.  We will be looking more in-depth at each of these over the next few weeks.

Yesterday I stepped totally out of my comfort zone and headed off for a meeting in the village with strangers! Since moving here I have wanted to get more involved in the village community life and have to admit being rather lazy in seeking out opportunity to do so.  When I saw a meeting advertised to see about the possibility of starting a handmade market for the villagers, well it sounded just up my street!  I was very nervous though, always fearful of the reactions I will receive as an 'outsider'.  I can meet home-edders with little problem at all, but not knowing the reaction our chosen lifestyle will receive?  Well that's rather dread inducing.

It was fine though, I needn't have worried.  The other ladies there were really lovely and very welcoming of the newbie.  Such a relief.  We have set a day for the market to be held, subject to the availability of the venue, and discussed communication tactics.  I casually mentioned I may be interested in being involved with the carnival organisation and fundraising, and agreed to help with the village website.

All in all, a very fruitful first meeting.

I'm still very much enjoying my knitting and whipped up this little hat for Amara in a few hours.  The lighting of the picture is terrible and the real colour of the yarn is a pale purple shade, not grey as it looks in the photograph, I love it.  I got so fed up of the beanie style hats slipping off her little head and thought this good old fashioned bonnet-style one would be a good problem solver.  I just need to sew the button on as a fastener, but I'm very happy with it.  I think a little lady is too...

I shall leave you with that smile and return tomorrow.

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