Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I really don't know where this year is going, Easter already? Really?

My morning started off as per the norm, with the animal routine.  Chickens, ducks, goats, guinea pigs and rabbit all have to be let out from their night accommodation and out into their free-ranging area or pens.  As far as chores go, it's one of the best.  I love popping my boots on at the back door and listening to the birdsong as the wild visitors chatter over their breakfast on the feeder.   As I walk up to the back field the goats bleat loudly their good morning hello as soon as they hear my distant approaching footsteps.  We have quite the conversation going back and to between ourselves as I ask how they are and they respond with their pleased to see you have you got breakfast yet whinnies.  As I make my way to the chicken coop I can hear inpatient clucks behind the door.  They know I'm there.    As they see the opening the chickens and ducks practically fall over each other as they hustle one another out of the way - wings flapping as they go, each clucking and quacking a hello as they disappear over the field towards the food bowls as fast as their little legs will carry them.  It's a race to get the best feeding spot, even though there are plenty of bowls and dishes to go around.

Fresh air and animal greetings is a great way to start each day, I highly recommend it for the feel good factor.

Apparently we were visited by the Easter Bunny this morning.  There were a variety of items spread out over the field, including snakes hanging from trees and Easter ducks, golden bunnies and plastic eggs in all sorts of hiding places.  Our real life chooks were most bemused by the new invaders, and the cats?  Well, the cats had great fun following the Easter Bunny around ensuring mischief was caused. Numerous things had to be replaced in their original hidey holes as Harry, Jasper and Eddie ran off with the found treasures.

I am so very glad that Easter Bugsy had been organised enough (for once!) to order in the plastic eggs and other small goodies before the Chelsea 'adventure' began - definitely a lesson learnt.

Unfortunately the weather was bitterly cold today.  The sunshine had packed her bags and headed off to some far away land, leaving a winter feeling wind and the threat of a downpour in her wake.  It meant that I didn't take as many pictures of the hunt as I would have liked to - too much shivering going on!  I think that the Easter Bunny may well make a return visit within the next few months when Chelsea is able to participate - she loves the whole egg hunting business - never too old for that sort of fun.

We shared out the larger chocolate eggs and listened to the sweet sound of silence as a whole lot of munching went on!

I received a phone call from a truly awesome lady whom I am extremely blessed to have in my life.  We spoke for over an hour.  We shared feelings, vented anger, laughed, giggled like schoolgirls and generally put the world to rights.  I needed that.  I really needed that.  J is a wonderful medicine that should be available to all.

It was soon time to head off to the hospital to see Chelsea so we threw a few bits and pieces into a bag and set off.  The roads were quieter today as many of the shops were closed in the city, so the journey was an easy one.

The good news today is that Chelsea looked heaps better!  It was so lovely to see her colour returning to her freckled cheeks.  I never thought I would be so thrilled to see rosy red cheeks, but boy they made me so happy.  It is a sign that whatever was causing the anaemia is finally being brought under control.  I know it is still early days yet and it will be a long road to recovery alongside a lifetime of medication, but there were rosy red cheeks!!!

Chelsea has to undergo a psychiatric assessment as apparently 2 out of 3 patients with Crohn's disease go on to suffer from depression and other similar conditions.  The steroids she is taking also highly amplifies the chance of her being affected.  It may be another battle that needs to be won, but that is one for the future.  One step at a time.  One day at a time.  Easy does it.

Other than that, there isn't a huge amount else to report hospital wise.  As it is Easter weekend it is a skeletal staff on rota so it's very quiet and only necessary procedures are carried out.  Chelsea is receiving two lots of intravenous medication a day - morning and evening, with an injection into her stomach at night time.   Her appetite has returned and she has been munching away which is so so so good to see - I must look like a right loopyloo standing at her bedside grinning from ear to ear watching her eat but it makes my heart sing.

We left her with sandwiches, hot cross buns, yoghurt, juices, chocolate and fruit, and headed to the car to take us on the journey home.  On the way out of the ward we were stopped by an elderly lady as she lay on her bed.  She said that we had a beautiful family and that all of the children had been so very well behaved and a delight to watch (we had baby Amara, Taisia, Callum and Tiegan with us today).  I think I almost burst with pride.  It was a lovely end to what had been a positive visit.


  1. You have every right to be proud of your beautiful family x So glad that Chelsea is getting stronger - obviously the meds are doing their stuff x

  2. Hi Julia,

    Have just checked in and I am so pleased to read that there has been an improvement in Chelsea's condition. I cannot do much but have decided to make a donation via your website as a contribution to petrol costs. Here's hoping it will go through OK!

    San x

  3. Donation has gone through, it is under hubby's account ( Dave) but I know he won't mind! Hope the little bit manages to help in some way and Please God Chelsea will be home with you soon. You are all in my prayers.

    San x