Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's a smiley one today!

I'm happy to report that today was a much better day.  I took the pressure right off myself and just pottered around doing necessary bits and pieces - laundry, tidying, child cuddling and lots of question answering!

After breakfast we sat down to watch "The Wonder of Bees" on IPlayer.  It was on yesterday, on BBC4 but is now available to watch on demand.  It was a really interesting programme and I think I may well watch it again without the little people as they asked a lot of questions throughout - great for their learning and our home-education of course, not so great for mama who likes to concentrate.  Bee keeping is something we have thought about doing ourselves but we have so much to learn first.

Once that programmed had finished we watched one called  Deadliest Volcanoes.  I had recorded it the other night as I knew Callum and Tiegan would be interested in viewing it.  I think it has encouraged Callum to do a project on Volcanoes and their effects throughout history so we shall be looking at things in more detail.

Once the TV viewings were over, all of the children headed off to do their own thing.  Callum and Taisia played outside for a while - they are absolutely loving their time in the fresh air and sunshine.  They both checked on the plants in our little greenhouse, and played numerous role playing games.  I believe one involved Taisia getting married, bless her.

Tiegan was researching various things online, and Joseph was looking at World War 1 history.

After lunch we did a bit of tidying and I did the laundry.  I had reached the bottom of the washing basket and had that self satisfying smug feeling - for all of five minutes until it was half filled again by little people.

During our clean up Amara slept and Taisia played with our new counting frame...

I ordered it from Zulily while ago and had forgotten about it to be honest.  I love their prices but have to be patient as their delivery times can be quite long.

Then we lost her.

We looked outside and in, upstairs and down, checked cupboards and under tables.  Then we found her...

I sometimes forget how young she is, bless her.

Later on she sat with her baby sister and read her a book (by making up her own story using the pictures as a guide).  I missed taking a picture of the reading part, but this one made me smile....

The best part of the day came when I collected my daughter from hospital and drove her HOME.

Yes, Chelsea is back home with us for the foreseeable future as long as her health allows.  She has a check up with the hospital consultant in two weeks time, and she has to go to see her own GP in the next week.  He will take more samples for testing.

Her blood count is still low at 79 (but a big improvement on the 35!) and her weight still sits at 6 stone. She has been prescribed build-up shakes and has to take 10 tablets a day plus a sachet of powder.  She remains officially anaemic and is very pale in colouration, but the passing of blood has ceased and two doctors gave the ok for her to recuperate at home.  They know that she has her mama here to be at her absolute beck and call.  Apparently Chelsea had had a really bad night and we almost got a phone call at 3am from the nurses due to them being worried about her.  She was extremely tearful due to insomnia (a side-effect of the medication) and I think it all just got too much for her to deal with.  She feels so tired, so weak, and very frustrated.

But she is now home.  We can start the road of recuperation.  We need to take it one day at a time.  Medication needs to be finalised and dosage calculated, a diet diary needs to be kept in case of any obvious triggers, weight needs to be regained, and stamina needs to be increased.

It is certainly a long and uncertain road ahead, but we will face whatever comes our way.

Hopefully this time she will be home for good and we won't have any more unexpected stay-ins.  I also hope we can get back into a routine, as we have become so up in the air of late.  I am craving a little more structure to our days.  I am also hoping that things will calm down for me - 2 periods in 3 weeks a happy mama does not make.  I'm guessing it is stress-related.  I also need to start taking my migraine medication again, I have learnt that I just can't cope without it.  Would love to find something natural and not costly instead.

I apologise that this blog appears to be taken over by hospital chat and medical hoo-ha.  For those tuning in to read about home-education you may well be disappointed.  Rest assured I have lots of plans for our home-education throughout the coming year and beyond and will be sharing all right here.

Meanwhile, I'd better nip off and feed this little one before there is no little one left to feed....


  1. I am so happy that your daughter is home with you!!! So happy for you all!!

  2. So pleased Chelsea 's home. A long road ahead as you say, but made much easier within a loving supportive family. Love the photos of the little ones.

  3. Glad your daughter is home :) xxxx