Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making a start...

I can't begin to tell you how good it was to know that Chelsea was safely tucked up in her own bed here at home last night.  Once again our family was back together again and the house lost that something missing feeling.


My morning started with Taisia waking and getting into bed with me (her bed is right next to mine).  We chattered about the sunshine and the blue skies, watched the birds fly past the attic windows and discussed our plans for today.  Our talk went something like this...

Me: "Oooh, what shall we do today? Maybe we could plant some seeds? Or we could bake some cakes? Or we could read some stories together?"

Taisia: "Well, erm, yes. You can do all of those mama. And I can just do my own things!"

It made me think about what she would be like in a school environment, being told where to be and what to do throughout the day.  It would take a lot for me to exchange her current lifestyle into a school attending one.

I just love the fact that she knows she can do her own thing and is confident enough to say as much.  I was never like that as a child.

Of course the morning chores were the first on the to-do list.  Everyone needed to be let out, checked over, fed, and watered.  It is all the more pleasant soaking up the fresh air when the sun is shining, even the animals seem in a happier place.

After breakfast Taisia decided he wanted to make a start on a few puzzles.  First there was the alphabet one...

Followed quickly by the Gruffalo and a shopping one.  The shopping puzzle was a Poundshop bargain; you put the pieces together and then have characters to use for a role play type game.

Meanwhile Joseph and I discussed what's going on in the news.  We talked about the Russia / Ukraine situation and the awful ferry tragedy.  We spoke about the Madeleine McCann latest and decided we don't believe anything that the newspapers report regarding that case any more.  Joe is really interested in what's going on around the world.  He is really clued up on things, researching every story and is my go to when I need to know about in more detail.  Callum overheard us and went over to the globe to search for Russia and Ukraine, we then talked about Crimea and the recent situation over there.  This led to laws and who makes them, our politicians and political stances and the up and coming local elections.

As the sun was shining we headed out of doors.  Chelsea managed to join us for a little while, dressed in pyjamas and dressing gown bless her.

She has spent quite a bit of her time today feeling really tired.  Fortunately at home she can fall asleep and not get awoken by nurses asking a question or needing to carry out some sort of check.  In hospital she had cannula changes in the early hours, weight checks at 3am or 4am and random questions about her eating and toilet habits before dawn broke.  At home she can just sleep and get as much as she and her body needs.

Meanwhile the rest of us toiled until we ached!

We planted seeds...

Radishes, tomatoes, runner beans and carrots today.

We also upgraded our fruit bushes to larger pots...

Redcurrants, Gooseberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries so far.

and we chatted as we dug out the weeds and nettles (I'm annoyed at myself for leaving it to get so overgrown again!)

Callum ensured we were all kept safe and that dragons were kept at bay (thanks to the recent St George and the Dragon stories)...

whilst clearly little miss flowerpot in the background was doing the same!

We also fed treats to rabbits and guinea pigs...

looked beautiful as we pondered...

and I felt a rush of anticipation as I stood back to see what will become the start of this years growth...


Blissful normality.

I embrace you with all my might. 

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