Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Meanderings...

It's been a beautifully sunny day here in Devon.  It started off a little dull and I was unsure as to what the weather would develop into, but by the afternoon the skies were blue and the warm stuff was basking our faces once more.


Unfortunately, my day didn't start off too well.

I had been up a few times in the night with sickness and generally feeling yuck.  I developed a migraine and I'm positive I had a couple of small people drilling and hammering in my head for a while.  Oh the pain!  I tried so desperately to sleep as tiredness makes my symptoms so much worse, but it was a struggle - not aided by the youngest family member deciding to cry and cry and cry - why I don't know, she usually sleeps through the night.

She eventually settled.

I lay and closed my eyes, unable to sleep but the darkness and quiet eased my suffering.

My morning routine went out the window.  Fortunately Lee was off work so he picked up my slack.  He also repaired guttering and sorted out the bins - he's good like that.

I really really wanted to be well enough to go and visit Chelsea in hospital.  Lee offered to go alone with a couple of the children but I so wanted to see her myself.  We had promised her a walk to the hospital cafe if she was up to it and not needed by the staff.  I know it sounds such a silly thing to most, but it is a big thing for Chelsea who has not been able to leave the ward.  I wanted to see her face as she took a sip of a hot-chocolate and watch her savour whatever food she chose to feast upon.  I wanted to see her eat.  Not just eat, but to enjoy food as she always did pre-hospital adventure.

So determined to be there, I slept.

I slept until just after 11am and when I woke I felt a little better - not totally better, but improved.

We set off for the hospital, Tiegan and Taisia in tow, packed with sandwiches, fruit, and yoghurt for Chelsea to snack on at leisure.   It's also a back up plan for the times when her meals get forgotten.  Twice she has had to remind staff that she hasn't had her dinner.  Once the lady in the next bed was missed, and once the lady opposite was forgotten.  Really?  Goodness, there are only 5 people in her section of the ward.  The staff keep forgetting to weigh her daily (due to extreme weight loss), and they have even forgotten her medication - she is constantly having to ask, bother and demand!

On arrival, Chelsea was looking at a pile of books that the oh so wonderful Luisa Plaja took in to her last night.  Chelsea has known Luisa for a few years now and thinks very highly of her.  As ever, Luisa has been very kind and thoughtful, it really brightened up Chelsea's stay.

We did make it down to the cafe.  It wasn't long since lunch time for Chelsea so she wasn't too hungry but she did manage to ingest most of a toasted sandwich and all of a hot choc.  Taisia managed custard (she did have apple crumble with it but preferred just the custard), to finish off Chelsea's sandwich and eat half of my chocolate cake - I think she only goes to the hospital for the food and drink bless her, at least it is nice unlike what much is given to the patients.  It helps to have a cuppa or a cake when you are waiting around.

Chelsea's heart rate at rest is 108 - still too high, but a lot lower than it was (it was around 140-150).  They are trying to find the cause but are baffled. She had a heart scan that appeared to show nothing but as the heart was beating so fast it apparently caused blurriness so it isn't all that clear.  Her temperature is normal now so that's wonderful.  Other than that, there is nothing to report.  They haven't done any more blood tests as yet and many of the consultants have been on their Easter break.  Someone will be talking to Chelsea tomorrow and getting her up to speed with any news.

We came home and I promptly fell asleep again - as did Amara.  When I awoke I discovered that everyone else had been busy.

The gang started to build a pond.

This was a job that has been on the must do list for many many months.  We had gotten all of the necessary bits and pieces, but finding the time that coincided with decent weather and dry ground was impossible.  Finally yesterday was the day and boy oh boy were the ducks ever so grateful...

It's not fully completed yet, but it is almost filled with water so the ducks are very happy.

Up until now they have had an old water tank to splash in although they were often seen to be ducking themselves in the water bowls instead.  The tank wasn't really big enough for a good ol' swim about so they think they are in heaven now.  I'm so glad we have been able to offer the pond to them, it will really enrich their days.

In between pond building work, there was a lot of tree climbing...



and bird watching...

Tomorrow I am having a cleaning morning, trying to get on top of all the jobs that have been rather neglected since the to-ing and fro-ing from hospital.  Then hospital visiting followed by a first dance class for Taisia - she is sooooo excited!

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  1. Sounds like everyone had a lovely Easter Monday. I get migraines and like you can be made worse by tiredness. Having tried various ways to remedy the onset or worsening I resorted to medication from the doctor. Zolmitriptan. Nine out of ten times it works extremely well. You probably already know about it or prefer not to take medication, thought it worth a mention. Migraines can be so debilitating. Poor Chelsea, I do feel for her, it's a good job she is confident enough to say if she hasn't had lunch, drugs etc. It's just not acceptable. Obviously I know most people work very hard but the examples given are basic care for goodness sake. When my sister I did our nurse training, (mind you we're talking years ago) you'd be in big trouble if this sort of thing happened. I hope Chelsea and the rest of you have a good week and things progress we'll.