Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So what's the story....?

10am - Chelsea is still in hospital, but we are hopeful that she will be allowed home soon on the condition of regular outpatient attendance.  I just want my baby girl home - my first born - our home really isn't the same without her, there is a missing piece and it feels empty.  
We had a worrying couple of days with fluctuating heart rates, low blood pressure, and high temperatures.  Things are seemingly settling now which is such a major relief.  She has had a heart scan which at first glance looks ok but they want to study it further.  The results of the MRI scan show a slight inflammation of the intestines - later on today Chelsea is having a colonoscopy which will show more.  She is also expected to have a gastroscopy but not sure if that will be today. Due to blood inflammation she is having steroids in her veins which is making her mega hungry but she is unable to eat anything until after the colonoscopy   She has had a couple of days of being sick which has been put down to the Iodine solution she had to have for the MRI - a nurse suggested that she had been instructed to drink too much *sigh*.

11.45am - Ah, scrap all that.

Just heard that Chelsea can't have the gastroscopy or the colonoscopy today as planned - which means that the no food since yesterday lunchtime rule was for nothing.  Poor girl!  With the side effect of the steroids meaning she was feeling mega hungry it's been tough for her, but she knew it was necessary - now it appears it wasn't.

There is a possibility that she may be able to come home today on condition she returns on Saturday for the colonoscopy.  It's a puzzle because in theory she *should* be feeling really ill - with extreme pains, but there is nothing, she is almost feeling 100% well other than tiredness and a bit of weakness as she walks.    As her blood count is stable and the Doctor is going to be seeing her on Saturday he doesn't think she needs to stay in - he's just checking his notes and will be back - please please please, fingers crossed.

In other news, I've started the Run Double App - running for one minute, walking for two repetitions with a 5 minute warm up/warm down either side.  It felt really good.  I'm overweight for the first time in my life and I really don't like it.  I know it's post-pregnancy weight, but I feel really bleurgh about it. On the way home I stopped at our back gate and called to the goats - Poppy, Winston and Hetty all galloped over to see me from the other end of the field, followed by the three ducks running as fast as they could waddle, and two chickens - I love my animals so much.  

I've also done a bit of knitting for the first time in ages.  Actually it is the first bit of 'craftyness' I had felt like doing since Chelsea's experience.  My head just isn't in the right place for painting, I can't bring myself to pick up a paintbrush at the moment - I'm sure onace she is home that will change.  I'm knitting Amara a little cardigan, something I can do whilst watching TV when everyone else is in bed.   

I've also been walking - a two hour walk last night.  Amara was sleeping already so she stayed at home with Lee, but I did have the pleasure of Taisia's, Callum's and Tiegan's company. It was such a joy.  We walked to the top of the hill and watched the beautiful sunset - I'm so annoyed that I didn't take my camera - not even my mobile phone.  We had the moon in front of us and the sun behind, gorgeous.

Callum hopped, skipped and twirled along the lanes, exclaiming that he loved living in the countryside which felt really special.  He went on to say that he loves the animals, watching the birds, viewing the stars, and the fact that the skies are so clear and easy to see due to no light pollution.  Taisia joined in the conversation saying that her favourite part of living in the countryside is the leaves.  Gotta love that girl.  

12.05pm -

Chelsea can come home today :D  Her blood count is stable and she is booked in on Saturday to see the Dr so he sees no reason why she can't come home for a few days and see how things go <3


  1. Been reading over the last few days. You must have been beside yourself, but SO glad to hear that Chelsea has made such a great recovery from her as-yet mystery illness and can be at home while she recovers COMPLETELY!! :D

  2. Such good news that she's coming home today. I hope something in the battery of tests they've done will help them find a way of getting her healthy again x

  3. Hooray hooray for 12.05pm :) Still sending huge love and prayers - and hoping that Saturday will finally give you some answers. So glad you get to have your lovely girl home where she belongs xx

  4. Blessings to all your family Julia. xxxx

  5. I've been following Julia and I can't imagine how worked you've all been. Great news that she can go home where she belongs. Fingers crossed for her continued recovery and done answers for you all xxx

  6. Im so happy for you! x

  7. Good news, excellent she's coming home. We had a beautiful moon last night, clear sky, and the moon had a lovely tinge of yellow. I've been trying to get rid of baby weight from 8 years ago lol! Hope you continue to have a good week.

  8. So pleased to hear that Chelsea can home. Wishing her a super speedy recovery x

  9. that's good news :) Been following your news and wish you all the best and good health for Chelsea :)