Wednesday, April 09, 2014

When life throws a curve ball...

So yesterday didn't really go to plan.  Actually, the script was read, torn and shredded.

Some of you may know that for the past few weeks Chelsea hasn't been feeling very well.  In fact,she has been feeling bloomin' awful.  It started almost three weeks ago with incredible paleness of skin, dizziness and extreme fatigue.  We thought it was just a bug, there is an awful lot of them going around after all and the symptoms matched many, so we left nature to it.

Yesterday I thought enough was enough.  There was no sign of improvement and actually I think things had worsened a little.  A trip to the Doctors was in order so it was arranged for the afternoon.  We went along (at one stage I was worried we wouldn't even make it to the car, she was so weak), and the Doctor did his stuff. He asked a million questions, he did many checks.  He looked concerned.  He suggested that we should go to hospital, immediately, that evening.  Blood tests needed to be done and he wanted the results as soon as.


We arranged baby, toddler and child care, and headed off to Exeter hospital.  Chelsea was hooked up to a monitor and her heart rate was 140 at rest.  Her haemoglobin level in her blood was a jaw-dropping 35. The normal rate for a woman is 115 to 130.  The doctor said Chelsea is only the second lowest level she has ever seen - the other being a 32.  

Quite scary stuff.

She has been kept in over night and we are off to visit her shortly.  There is talk of a necessary transfusion but they need to source the cause.  At present they are baffled beyond bafflement.  We are hoping that she is able to return home to us today but that is a big ask.

I shall update later with the latest news, but for now please forgive me if I don't respond to messages.


  1. Must be a terrifying time for you. I hope that it's resolved quickly and that she is well again very soon. Sending positive thoughts and good wishes to you all. x

  2. Praying that the doctors will be able to find out what is wrong and that Chelsea will be feeling much better soon. xx

  3. Thinking of you all xx

  4. Keeping you all in my thoughts. Hope she's home soon hun.

  5. Oh my! So worrying for you all :( I hope you can find some answers and a solution soon x

  6. Not sure where you're located. We live in the U.S. A few years back my daughter was admitted (and walking) with hemoglobins of 2.2. Here in the US they should be 12-14 & they'd never seen anyone walking that low. The only "symptom" she had was paleness of skin and her tongue swelling & turning white. She ended up in a Children's hospital & 2 blood transfursions. Fast forward a few years & we're back to low hemoglobins(this time 7) again & the hematologists grasping at straws trying to figure out what the problem is!