Saturday, April 26, 2014

Whirlwind coming through...

Yesterday was certainly interesting.

Taisia was in whirlwind mode and quite seriously we have never ever seen anything quite like it.

She rushed from room to room, garden to house and back again, causing as much disruption and chaos as she could possibly manage.

Cupboards were climbed upon or emptied, CDs were found and strewn, board game and puzzle boxes were tipped upside and pieces thrown, toys were scattered, clothing misplaced, foods hidden, plug sockets attempted to be played with, the rabbit was let out his run, the chicken food mixed with water, dialling out on the phone,  oh the list goes on and on.

Taisia is usually a fiercely independent three year old, of that there is no doubt.  She is feisty, strong-willed and energetic, and we love her for that.  But she is usually safe and trustworthy, knowing right from wrong and most definitely aware that dangerous exploits are a no no.  I can normally trust her implicitly, and although of course she is under a watchful eye as any 3 year old should be, she is allowed a great deal of freedom.   She would never normally touch the animals housing or their food without having someone with her to help, it's just how she is and how things have always been done.   Yesterday though she was just off the scale.  In 18 years of parenting I can quite honestly say that I have never witnessed anything quite like it.

Numerous times throughout the day she attempted to cook.  The first time she wished to make egg surprise (?) and cracked a couple of eggs into a bowl (shell and all), mixed in various sauces and seasoning and popped it in the oven.  I promised her that when I had settled Amara after her feed we would bake some cakes and biscuits.

Taisia went out to the garden to join Callum and I could hear her playing happy role-play games with him so was reassured all was okay.  A short while later I heard the rustling of wrappers and I went into the kitchen to see what was going on, carrying a very tired and wanting to sleep bubba with me as she hadn't quite settled.

Apparently she was making a cake...

There were more eggs on the kitchen surfaces.  She had mixed brown sugar, flour, icing gels and eggs into the most scrumptiously sticky gloopy mess.

She thought it was hilarious!

Bless her.

We are not the kind of parents who get angry at such antics, probably because they are such a very rare occurrence!  We may give a sigh at the extra cleaning up that needs to be done, but we know it is a valuable part of childhood experimentation, learning, and play.  I watched as she rubbed and squeezed her hands in the gloopy mixture and allowed it to run through her fingers.  She liked the texture, she liked the feel of it, she described the roughness of the sugar and the softness of the egg.

That said, I do hope she doesn't make it a habit that is repeated too often though!

We sat and thought if there could be a trigger for the whirlwind that had been unleashed within our four walls.  We discussed things like boredom, lack of exercise, sleep issues, and food.  We thought about what she had eaten recently that was unusual for her and the one thing that stood out as something Taisia had never had before - a Chupa Chup lollipop!  After a little internet peeking, it appears that if that was the trigger for Taisia, she isn't alone.  There are many people speaking of more hyper than usual children after having such a treat.  Actually today, we went to the supermarket and overheard two children asking their mama for a Chupa lolly.  Her response (to the boy) was "Can you remember the last time you had one of those?  You were bouncing off the walls!"

It sounded mightily familiar.

I am very happy to report that normal service has been resumed here in the Pollard household.  Taisia is back to her calmer more approachable self, which was just as well as she had her first Ballet class at a new dance school this morning.  

After the disaster that was Tuesday's experience (for me, not for Taisia, she enjoyed herself muchly), we heard from a very lovely lady about a Saturday morning dance school in the town.  I figured that one may suit us better.  For one, people would be coming from a variety of local areas as they didn't have to worry about being on time to a class straight after school.  I hoped this would mean it didn't feel so cliquey.  I also thought that the parents would be less 'school' orientated at that time as they wouldn't be sat their with children in school uniform going through homework diaries and spelling test lists.

I was right.

Immediately it felt better.  It felt more organised, professional and comfortable.

There was a huge room with tables and chairs to sit at, no pressure to sit in a small enclosed space with few chairs.  I actually spoke to a few of the parents and didn't feel out of my comfort zone at all. It all felt a lot calmer, and the children seemed calmer.  I wondered if it was because on Tuesday most of the pupils had come straight from being at school and they wanted to let off a bit of steam - it got a bit noisy and frantic at times, particularly in the waiting area.

I was welcome to watch the class (unlike on Tuesday) and did so, although Taisia didn't need me to stay with her.  I wanted to see how the teacher interacted with the children, what sort of things they did and if I thought it was suitable for Taisia.

It was and she loved it.  So much so that we have ordered the 'kit' and will be paying for a term next week.

The ladies at the desk were lovely and very helpful when at the end I wanted to order the dance uniform.  We are now the proud owners of a leotard with fitted skirt and are awaiting an order of cardigan, ballet shoes, and tights.  A bonus is that the 'uniform' for this school is bought from a cheaper place than the other class, we were able to get the cross-over cardigan included for the same price as it would have been without.

I'm so so glad that the utterly lovely JC told me about the Saturday classes and that I had enough courage to give it a go again.  I'm also mightily happy that Taisia wanted to try it too.  At first she was rather adamant that she liked the first class and didn't need to try another.  It was really touch and go right until this morning but she said she wanted to go dancing when she woke.   Taisia is the first of my girls to show an interest in learning how to dance outside of our home.  It so reminds me of my old dancing days.  I started at around 3 years of age too and gradually took on more classes.  I studied tap, ballet, modern, gymnastics, and jazz.  I enjoyed it a lot, and got on quite well with the other girls so it was a nice social time too, particularly whilst waiting in-between lessons.   I gave it all up when we moved down to Devon and I wanted to devote my time to horses - dancing went out of the window and every spare minute was spent at the stables.  I loved that too but am sometimes tinged with a little sadness that I didn't carry on with the dancing exploits.  I'm left with albums filled with exam certifications and competition medals and of course nice memories (I can still remember many of my old routines!)

Hmm, not a much else to report really.

The rest of today was spent buying animal feed, nipping to the supermarket, and attempting to rescue the trays of planted seeds after the shelving collapsed - we failed and need to purchase more seeds to plant again.  Frustrating both time and money wise.

I sat and did a bit of a 'work' with Taisia at her request after dinner.  We had spotted a couple of early learning books from the supermarket and this evening she enjoyed sitting with me and doing a few pages.   She was very proud that she was doing 'work' and made sure each of us knew about it.   We looked at the first 5 letters of the alphabet, identifying them, looking for differences in shape and their sounds.  We talked about the differences between the letters d and b and suggested words that began with each.  We searched around the room for items that began with those letters and Taisia attempted to draw them.  We could only finish the session when I agreed we would do more tomorrow - Taisia wanted to continue but it was getting late and I confess I was struggling.

Chelsea has been sleeping a lot which isn't a bad thing.  She has also been eating a lot which definitely isn't a bad thing.  Her appetite is certainly a healthy one and she is often heard to be saying that she is hungry.  She has been well and truly spoilt with a range of gifts from gorgeously fabulous friends, most of which we have never met in person.

We all feel incredibly grateful and blessed.


  1. Beautiful pictures! However much chaos she was causing, she was certainly enjoying herself!

  2. Glad to hear you've found a friendlier dance class. We had a similar experience at Exe valley leisure with swimming lessons,it was always very fraught and stressful and neither myself or the children enjoyed it. We now swim as a family in South Molton, and it's a much friendlier and welcoming experience, where the children are allowed to have fun! x

  3. I'm so pleased the second dance class worked out well for you both :)

  4. so pleased that you did both enjoy the class. I'm working tomorrow, so I won't be there (Mike and Amelia will be - he'll be the bloke looking lost and very confused - he doesn't really do pink. or dancing. (hee hee). I'll be there next week and won't be watching Amelia's class, so hopefully we can have a nice chin wag then. xx