Sunday, May 04, 2014

Getting there...

This week certainly feels as if we are getting back to normality - whatever normality looks like in any home-educating family, let alone this one!

Chelsea has been doing ok at home.  She has had an appointment at the Doctors where blood tests were taken for further analysis.  A little weight has been gained and on the whole all was good.   We think that mushrooms may be the first trigger that we have come across thus far as Chelsea had incredible stomach pains after eating some.  The poor love was in a lot of pain.  She has also been experiences sensory hallucinations - one where she thought she was actually swimming and another when she believed she was in a bubble - side effects of the medication unfortunately.  We have a hospital appointment with the consultant booked for the 15th and an appointment with the dietitian booked also.

Callum has been spending a great deal of time looking through our Atlas collection and learning where various countries are placed in relation to one another.  He has also been fascinated by the flags and can identify far more than I can.  He asked if I could print out a flag outline for him to copy some of the designs as he wants to hang them up.

Those beautiful flowers were sent by a lovely lady and are now fully in bloom.  They make me smile every time I pass them.

We have planted more seeds and reluctantly purchased more after our first ones perished due to the shelf collapsing in the awful storms.  Our runner beans are the first to sprout, the children are so very excited - I do love their enthusiasm for all things outdoors.

Speaking of outdoors - Lee has made a start on building a small treehouse in the back field.  It was going to be just a platform with a rail at the edges to prevent topsy turvy downfalls, but Taisia has other ideas that we discovered when she started planning the curtains and colour of the door.  It seems that Lee has a much bigger job on his hands than he first envisaged!

It has been a good project for Joseph to be involved with and he has been helping out with the measurements, wood sawing, and hammering! 

A certain little lady was very excited...

Here she is testing it out for the first time....oooh, I'm high up aren't I?!

We have a few new additions to share with you in the form of two gorgeous ducklings...

and two goslings...

All four are incredibly people friendly but the goslings are just adorable, always seeking out human companionship for chatter and cuddles...

They are under heat at the moment as they are such littlies, but we very much look forward to watching them grow.

In other news I have been working on some resources , including a selection of topic 'springboard' boxes.  Each box will contain a variety of items including printed matter and relevant display items.  I have had an idea of doing this for a long while and now the imposed home time due to Chelsea's recovery has given me a kick up the bum to put the idea into action.  I'm really enjoying the process although putting something together for mixed ages can be a bit of a battle.  I'm currently putting together a "Weather" box and one about "Butterflies" and my children are enjoying looking at what is being created.  I'll explain more about the boxes with photos at a later date, hopefully very soon!


  1. I just wanted to say how in awe of you I am. I really admire your honesty and the way you cope with life events. I struggle home educating one little boy, although I have 4 grown up children so I remember the hectic, busy but happy days.
    I hope Chelsea recovers soon and is back enjoying life with her lovely family.
    Love and hugs xx

  2. I am currently deciding on whether after this new school year my son Oliver, 10, shall enrol in our secondary school or become home schooled (something we've debated for a few years now.) He has ASD (Aspergers) and socially reclusive. Reading your amazing and honest blog about your hopes and aspirations for your wonderful family has sent tingles through me, so many incredible possibilities await as a home educator... reading your story has inspired me, thank you xxx