Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Summer of Fun...

After chatting to the children and each of us coming up with a few ideas of what we may like to do in the coming summer months, we made a list.  Sharing here in case anyone is in need of some inspiration to keep the young 'uns entertained.

Our Summer of Fun!

1.   Make plaster of paris models to paint.
2.  Make and play super bubbles.
3.   Stargaze.
4.   Play tourist for the day.
5.  Have a family movie night.
6.  Visit a farm shop.
7.   Have a garden camp-out.
8.   Make jam.
9.  Go on a scavenger hunt.
10.  Have a great british bake-off day.
11.   Make homemade playdough.
12.   Picnic at the Park.
13.   Go on a photography walk.
14.   Enjoy a Family BBQ, help to cook!
15.   Feed the Ducks
16.   Make a moth box.
17.   Have a Water Fight!
18.   Create food for the birds.
19.   Go pond dipping.
20.   Explore Exmoor.
21.   Do a random act of kindness.
22.   Make and fly a kite.
23.   Make lemonade.
24.   Have a craft day.
25.   Go bug hunting.
26.   Make a sundial.
27.   Read 10 books as a family.
28.   Paint rocks.
29.   Study butterflies.
30.   Build insect hotels.
31.   Make a scrapbook or journal.
32.   Create a fairy garden.
33.   Go animal tracking.
34.   Build a woodland shelter.
35.   Go on a night walk by moonlight.
36.   Play Hopscotch.
37.   Become a pen-pal and write a letter.
38.   Go Geo-caching.
39.   Visit a Museum.
40.   Go to a country fair.
41.   Learn a new skill.
42.   Make fruit ice lollies.
43.   Have a badminton tournament.
44.   Create a mud kitchen.
45.   Go to the beach.
46.   Make bread from scratch.
47.   Create a treasure map and hunt.
48.   Do some vegetable and fruit stamping.
49.   Have a science day.
50.   Make our own clothes.
51.   Have a no technology day!
52.   Make decorations for our home.
53.   Create a weather station.
54.   Have a game marathon day.
55.   Make a new friend.
56.   Write a poem.
57.   Make a Teepee.
58.   Host a family quiz.
59.   Watch a sunset.
60.   Start a collection.
61.   Have a country theme day.
62.   Go to a pick your own fruit farm.
63.   Have a family appreciation day.
64.   Start a nature journal.
65.   Make a pinata.
66.   Make some shaped crayons.
67.   Create a Hama bead summer mobile.
68.   Make Rainbow Rice.
69.   Go for a woodland walk.
70.   Start building our continent boxes.
71.   Create a human body picture.
72.   Host a fun fitness challenge.
73.   Make Cress heads.
74.   Create coloured crystals.
75.   Make artificial geodes.
76.   Paint rocks.
77.   Go bat watching.
78.   Do a mixed media painting.
79.   Germinate fruit and vegetables.
80.   Study an artist and replicate their style.
81.   Make a toy for a family member.
82.   Take photos that represent your life.
83.   Make dinosaur eggs.
84.   Create playfood from felt.
85.   Create a ‘miss you’ box for Nanna & Grandad.
86.   Invent your own board game.
87.   Start learning a new language.
88.   Make a book.
89.   Make a marble run.
90.   Make a day in your life video.
91.   Create some outdoor games to play.
92.   Leaf pounding – create some prints.
93.   Have a worm charming competition.
94.   Have a donate to charity clear out.
95.   Create a gratitude or memory jar.
96.   Make some puppets and put on a show.
97.   Create art using items found in nature.
98.   Make pizza from scratch.
99.   Create mini-boats for sailing.
100. Be creative with fabric scraps. 

A printable version of this list is available by clicking here.

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  1. That is a fantastic list - will be borrowing a few of these ideas! x