Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smiley Sunday

It's been another lovely day here in Devon, and we have managed to spend most of our day enjoying the outdoors.  We didn't have any real plans apart from doing a bit of a clear up operation on the land.  The weather this year has been fabulous growing weather for all things stingy - the nettles have shot up and it generally needed a ol' good tidy around.

The children have loved us being outside with them as they explored.  So often I find myself caught up with doing other things  -  house chores that need completed, researching things online or updating websites, or even dreaded time-wasting facebook, that despite my 'I'll be out in a minute' promises, the time flies by and the children have decided to come back inside.

Today I  made the decision that that would change.  From now on if I say I am going outside I will go outside - doing the minimum of what's necessary and then being with the children.  End of.

The tidying was pretty successful.  We are dividing the back field into differing sections and part of this plan is opening up the small woodland section so the children are free to play in there.  This will be where our 'fairy garden' will be based so I need to tidy it up and get rid of the nettles and much of the undergrowth.  I am strangely looking forward to the task even though it means hard work - I just know that Taisia is going to love it.

We refilled the pond area so the ducks and goslings are now very happy again.  We found this little fella having a nosey around...

He was quite the highlight of the day and probably the most educational springboard - we have learnt so much after researching, including the differences between frog and toads, poison glands, egg strings and clusters, and various species.

Trampoline jumping, role play games, swing swinging and tree climbing were also on the agenda...

along with photograph taking and hand clapping!

Once again we had an evening walk and enjoyed natures beauty...

Before having to 'rescue' two of the ducks from the pond as they couldn't work out how to get out using the ramp *sigh*.  After watching them for a long-ish period of time and seeing the ever-growing stress and frantic state they were getting in trying to get to their friends, we got the large fishing net and scooped them out.  I never thought I would be fishing for ducks!

I am totally loving these outdoor days and the children are too, it also means we are sleeping much better through the night,

I wonder what adventures we will have tomorrow....

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