Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Today has been one of those days.
It’s been one of those “when is it over?” days.
One of those “can’t wait until bedtime!” days.
I’m very fortunate in that I don’t experience many of them, but when I do…boy, I find it a real struggle.  I also find that things tend to rollercoaster and it seems as if it’s one thing after another – in hindsight I can always see ways that I could have stopped the escalation, but at the time I just have this overwhelming leave me alone and pack it in kinda feeling.
This morning was really difficult.  I haven’t been sleeping very well of late (blame a teething baby and much fun-loving kitten).  I wasn’t feeling on top of the world upon waking.  This lackluster feeling developed into a banging headache which didn’t want to vacate it’s abode.  I had plans which I really didn’t feel like following through with – kite-making. baking, and Autumnal display starting.  Urgh, I just really didn’t feel up to the challenge of entertaining the small people.
But clearly the small people needed entertaining, and that lesson has been well and truly learnt, ingrained, and understood loud and clear.
This morning we did a bit of science:
What happens when dried cat food gets put in water?  What happens when more cat food is spilt all over the floor in a puddle of water?  And how quick are everyone’s reactions in order to reach it and clear it up whilst an almost one year old tries to eat it?  (How many times did I ask that the cat food not be touched, moved to where baby can reach it, or played with?)
We also had a “How many times can mama say no before she loses her temper?” test going on, alongside a “How long can I stand outside the door sobbing before mama feels guilty?” test.
We also experimented with how long can we chase and hassle the kitten for before mama goes berserk, and then we had a “whoopsie daisy, I knocked tea all over mama’s diary, workbooks, home-ed exercise books, planning sheets, and a library book” moment.
To top it off we had a let’s chase the cat with water game (what?? why?? where did that come from?), and a put lipstick on the cat’s nose moment.  The latter two baffle me as my lot have all been bought up with animals, large and small, young and old.  The behaviour displayed towards the kitten today was totally out of character and something I really hope won’t be repeated.
Advantage has been taken at every turn – when I was feeding the baby or settling her to sleep, when I was doing the laundry, when I was sorting the dishes, or preparing food – all equaled sneak away to have fun moments for a certain little person.   Clearly we need to go back to not leaving her unsupervised for a milly-second, clearly we have to address a in need of attention and stimulation issue.
In order for the day not to be a complete write off I thought we should get around to doing something.  With a tired baby, fretful due to her teething, and my headache issue, we settled down at the table with the kite making workshop kit that I was very kindly sent from Aspire.
kit resized
I don’t think it is exaggerating to say the kit literally saved the day.
Taisia and Callum both volunteered to make a kite.  We read through the instructions and set about measuring our wooden doweling to the correct size.   Then we made the described shape with the doweling and then the yarn.

kite making callum
Taisia enjoyed talking about the shape being a diamond and how you could also see triangles.   Then it was a case of fixing the fabric into place and decorating it…
decorating taisia
Measuring out enough of the yarn for flying and making the pretty tail.  Once completed, the other thing left is to admire your handywork…
Note – Yes, Callum’s kite does say “Rub some bacon on it”  *sigh*.
It was lovely to have an activity to hand that I could sit down and do with the children.  Something that was all ready organised, with all that was needed included, that I could just pick off the shelf and open – even with an aching head!  It certainly broke the overwhelming yucky feeling I had experienced for much of the day and best of all the children enjoyed it too.
Thanks to Tammie over at Aspire for calming things down and saving my relationship with my children today!

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