Sunday, September 07, 2014

Living in Bliss

Just bliss.
I am sitting here in quiet contemplation.
Sitting thinking about my life, my days, my bliss.
A smile forms within my lips, and I know for sure my eyes are glistening as I reflect on the joyous hours gone before.
I realise how fortunate I am, how every inch of my being should scream gratitude for the blessings I’ve received.  Six beautiful blessings in child form and so much more, so very much more.
I glance out of the window and deep blackness stares right back.   Our location ensures we have no street-lights, we have darkness and stars. Hundreds and hundreds of stars, twinkling, shining, seemingly dancing above within the wall-less space, daring to share our existence.   The silence, interrupted only by the far off hooting of distant owls, is perfect for deep thoughts to wander.   Hearts can be opened without fear of interruption, worries can be dispersed with ease, love can grow without hinder.
No disturbance.  No barriers.
Today has been a day of near perfection.  A day of beautiful family time,  of walking in nature, of cuddling children, of siblings deep in conversation, and more.  We have laughed together, read the written word together, concocted crazy dance moves together and enjoyed one anothers company.
That’s a biggie.  A privilege.
I don’t think I will ever take for granted the times that my children wish to spend time with me.   To have a sixteen year old son say that they want to come along for a gentle stroll around the lanes is priceless and means so much.  I am so thankful that as a family we are so connected. The children have freedom of choice, they can choose how to spend their time, yet still they want to come along and enjoy the simple things we do – taking the little ones to feed the ducks, walk the dog or as in today, picking blackberries.
We strolled, we chattered, we laughed.  We foraged abundantly and our container was soon full of treasure.
We searched through the hedgerows to find creatures galore – spiders and their sparkly webbing, ladybirds, various fly types, shield bugs, and this gorgeous beauty who allowed us to be mesmerised in its presence for quite a while.
We believe it to be of the

Comma (Polygonia C-Album)

Find out more about the true beauties here.
We ventured home to re-join our newest family member – Elsa, our gorgeous 8 week old kitten.
Already she is bringing so much joy, and she most definitely has a firm hold on our hearts.  She joined us on Thursday afternoon and well within the hour she was eating, drinking, toileting, playing and purring.  She is easy going but playful.  Cuddly but independent.  Alert but lazy.  I just know she was meant to be here with us, she is quite simply perfect.

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