Wednesday, September 24, 2014


So, after yesterdays palava of a day, I was dubious as to how our Wednesday would go - particularly because I woke up with the same headache as I had gone to bed with.  Horrid.

However, I needn't have worried.  Our Wednesday has been an amazingly good one, full of good friends, smiles, and happy children.

Our day started off with a quick home tidy around and a trip to Exeter in the car.  We had arranged to meet friends at the museum and although we were late arriving they were understanding - so blessed to have understanding friends.

We met outside the museum and that was our first port of call.  Taisia really enjoyed her trip to the museum last week.  She is starting to develop a real thirst for knowledge and loves looking at all of the displays.  Both of our recent visits have been quick walk through fly-by ones in truth.  I must make sure that we allow plenty of time for a 'learning' visit one day soon.

The museum is free to access (although donations are very welcome!), and is a wonderful resource as it contains such a wide diverse variety of artefacts and displays.

You can learn about ammonites...

or try on armour and costumes...

You can find out more about life in Ancient Egypt...

or find out about world cultures...

One of my children's favourite areas are the butterfly and bird rooms.  Although we all agree that living animals are far better than any behind glass, we do appreciate the chance to get up close and to really be able to examine different species with ease.

Gasps of wow and wonder can often be heard escaping from the children's lips as they enter the room and witness the more than impressive collections.  Their eyes sparkle and open wide in amazement at the beautiful colours and the delicate wings - and the enormous size of some of the beetles and spiders!

After almost two hours of strolling around the exhibits, we decided it was time to leave and buy some food to take the home-education group meeting.  This week the meeting was playing host to a small birthday party and the children thoroughly enjoyed eating cake and singing Happy Birthday.  We really enjoyed the meeting this week - lots of interesting people to talk to, a couple of new faces, and the children enjoyed the fresh air and outdoor fun.  I think it may well become a regular outing for us again - maybe not every week, but certainly more often than not as Taisia in particular loves going.

We came home to find that our new oven had been delivered (yay, no more ear-crunching fan in distress noise when baking!) and a couple of new books had been delivered.  More bedtime reading for me.   We had a lovely dinner of Potato topped Tuna pie, and then I whipped up a super quick pudding of Chocolate Concrete Cake and Ice Cream.  Did you used to have Concrete Cake at school?  I did, usually with pink custard.

Now it's time for me to finish my cuppa, switch off the TV, and go to bed with my girls (and new books!)  I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us...

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